Nintendo Sends Sexually Suggestive Tweet And Quickly Deletes It, See It Here

By Jason Collins | 11 seconds ago

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Naughty, naughty Nintendo. Over the weekend, Nintendo tweeted an image of Metal Gear’s Snake looking at Samus Aran’s (from Metroid gaming franchise) gluteus maximus. However, judging by the picture’s caption, we’re not entirely convinced Snake was admiring the results of Samus’ workout routine.

According to Kotaku, somebody at Nintendo France posted a screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Twitter, featuring Snake and Samus Aran in the situations described above. Admittedly, the screenshot is entirely harmless and devoid of any sexual content. However, a person responsible for the tweet obviously thought that adding eyes emoji would be fun, and they were right. The tweet immediately went viral, and Nintendo France addressed the situation in a very sensible way – by deleting the tweet. Luckily, the internet community wasted no time with taking screenshots of the post, which will forever confirm what Nintendo obviously tried to deny. You can see the now-deleted Twitter post below:

Nintendo removed the post a couple of hours after it was posted, with no further commentary on the matter. Was this an intentional “leak” as means of promoting Samus ahead of the Metroid Dread upcoming release? Were the eyes supposed to represent Snake’s first-person view? Perhaps Nintendo was giving a side-eye to the fandom, which was desperately awaiting the reveal of the game’s final DLC fighter? Well, whatever Nintendo France planned to achieve, it worked. Not only is the entire internet talking about it, but Nintendo’s fans believe the company had given them the horny greenlight.

Following the tweet, Nintendo games’ extensive fandom communities immediately started making internet memes and sharing sexually suggestive images of other characters and their glutei maximi, most commonly known as “butts” in everyday English. Of course, Nintendo France has tried to stop this and tamp back down on Pandora’s box, but the nasty stuff has already left the box and is now swimmingly flowing through the Worldwide Web. And as expected, Nintendo, as a company that prides itself on producing family-oriented content, refused to comment on the matter.

Of course, there’s more to this particular story besides the harmless screenshot and ambiguous eyes emoji. Despite being the one that’s looking at the lady’s behind in an inappropriate manner, Metal Gear Solid’s Snake is renowned for being callipygian (having a nice butt), though Beyonce fans might use the term “bootylicious” – a fact that surprised even his voice actor, David Hayter. And though Snake’s rotund posterior gets plenty of screen time in Metal Gear Solid, his behind was noticeably flattened in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with many gamers complaining to Nintendo to fix Snake’s “nerfed” butt in the game.

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But Snake and Samus’s gorgeous behinds aren’t the only details of this story. As we previously said, Nintendo is known for its family-oriented content, but its massive fanbase consists of artists and writers who create sexy and even erotic variants of Nintendo’s canon. Of course, Nintendo occasionally steps in when things go too far, like when the company moved to ban a Princess Peach fan-game inspired by hentai – a genre of Japanese anime characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit plots.

Maybe those responsible for the suggestive tweet believed they could get away with it, considering Nintendo is focusing on Metal Gear Solid remakes and the upcoming and highly-anticipated Metroid video game – Metroid Dread, set to release on October 8, 2021.