A Brand New Pokemon Game Is On Its Way

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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Nintendo isn’t done releasing Pokemon games. With the excitement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus waning a bit, the gaming giant has officially announced that a brand-new game is on the way. The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are on their way. This is certainly huge news considering that Arceus had just released on January 28th. What is even more interesting is that the developer, Game Freak, has also announced that Scarlet and Violet will be open-world adventures. It seems as if open-world gaming has certainly taken its hold on the gaming world, and even more so with this new venture.

This new revelation was announced during Pokemon Day 2022, which took place on February 27th. The presentation showcased the new games, with three brand-new starters. These new Gen 9 Pokemon are as follows: Grass Cat Sprigatito, Fire Croc Fuecoco, and Water Duckling Quaxly. Sprigatitio is a grass-type that has the Overgrow ability. Fuecoco is a fire-type with the Blaze ability. Quaxly is a water-type with the Torrent ability. Trainers can choose from these three starters and will likely end up with all three at some point in the game. From the trailer alone, there have been 50 confirmed Pokemon appearing in the new games, along with the new starters.

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While the open-world aspect is certainly not new to Pokemon, as Arceus first debuted this new structure in January, Scarlet and Violet are said to be “evolutionary.” It has been reported that towns within the new games will have no borders and will seemingly blend in with the environment. Also, much like Arceus, wild Pokemon will be seen everywhere while roaming. They will be in the water, sky, and in the streets. It certainly sounds as if Game Freak saw the value of an open world within the universe of Pokemon and has decided to fully lean into it.

There are no details yet about what the differences will be between Scarlet and Violet, but one thing is that trainer will look different in both. That is currently the only benefit of owning both versions of this new Pokemon adventure. The usual case is that there will be different Pokemon available in each version, but that has yet to be rumored or confirmed. The game has announced a late 2022 release as well, meaning we are likely to see Scarlet and Violet in Q4 of the year. Nintendo is likely to release the game during the peak holiday shopping months.

While it may seem like a bit of a rush to release another new Pokemon game within a year of Arceus, that could mean that fans were wanting something more than what Arceus could give them. However, it does seem sort of odd that both new games are following the same open-world formula. Whatever the case may be, fans of the series are overjoyed that they are getting even more new content, and three new starters to train and evolve. Look out for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet when they hit shelves in late 2022.