Multiple Silent Hill Games In The Works, Says Director

Christophe Gans, Silent Hill movie director, has confirmed that multiple new games are in the works.

By Jason Collins | Published

The director of 2006’s Silent Hill movie, an absolutely fantastic adaptation, recently claimed that Konami is silently developing several new games in the franchise. The comments were made during an interview for a French publication and serve to corroborate the rumors that have been circulating among the gaming community for quite some time — for years now. Most recent of said rumors pertain to a leak on a Korean rating site, which might indicate that there’s development within the horror franchise.

As reported by IGN, Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006’s Silent Hill film, has stated that he’s involved in the development of a new movie. He confirmed his collaboration with the Silent Hill team, the original makers of the franchise at Konami, and that there are several games in development. According to Gans, Konami, seemingly impressed by the success of recent Resident Evil remakes, is trying to revive the iconic horror franchise by collaborating with different gaming studios in an attempt to create several new Silent Hill games.

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It’s worth noting that, without Konami’s official confirmation, Gans’ disclosure has the credibility of speculation at best. Sure, he’s working closely with the original Silent Hill team, so he probably has some insight, but gaming development is a shaky business, and things get canceled before and even after they’re confirmed. We wouldn’t like for that to happen to the purported Silent Hill game, as a new installment, a remake, or just about any type of release would be well-received among the fandom — provided that Konami has the capacity to maintain the Kojima-levels of quality.

Due to conflicts between Hideo Kojima, who has been unjustly liked to the assassination of Japan’s prime minister, and Konami, the legendary game maker won’t be involved in any Silent Hill release for the foreseeable future. It begs the question of how much of Silent Hill we all love and remember left Konami with Kojima. If the rumors turn out to be true, we’re only a couple of years from finding out.

The Silent Hill rumor mill has been spinning for years now, and hungry fans are desperately clinging to every bit of information, regardless of its credibility. From what we previously learned, Konami signed various partnership deals with several gaming studios known for developing horror games, and while everyone denied actively developing Silent Hill, that doesn’t mean that the development isn’t taking place behind closed doors.

The original Silent Hill game launched in 1999 on the original PlayStation. It was so grand that even non-gamers loved it, as it gave birth to a staple of the horror gaming genre, thanks to its graphics, atmosphere, and narratives. In fact, nearly all games in the franchise rose to critical acclaim, and some rumors even suggested that Kojima wanted to develop Silent Hills, a mainline installment that would be directed by Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Considering the combined creative portfolio Kojima and del Toro have, it’s likely that Konami missed an opportunity for a game of the year.