Mysterious Game Abandoned Has The Internet Going Crazy With Theories

An upcoming video game, Abandoned, has the internet going wild with rumors about what the game might actually be or even entail

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Offering subtle hints while keeping things under wraps is a good way of building up suspense in anticipation of a new title. However, it’s also an incredible way to incite speculations and fan theories – something the developers of the mysterious upcoming title, Abandoned, are very good at because the internet is going crazy with theories.

The upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive is a subject of continuous rumors and speculations pointing to it being a secret Hideo Kojima game or even the next Silent Hill game, according to IGN. And while the game’s developers, whose online presence is also mysteriously scarce, claim that the game is neither, the fandom hopes it might be both. But what exactly is Abandoned, what caused all the rumors and speculations, and when will we know more about the game besides eerie teaser trailers? Well, let’s go back to square one.

Sony announced the PlayStation 5 exclusive game called Abandoned in the first week of April this year, stemming from the creative minds of game developers at Blue Box Studio. Per Sony’s announcement, the game is a first-person horror survival shooter with realistic visuals, set to release in Q4 2021. However, the developer’s quiet social media presence, and fairly unknown history, led the fans to believe that Abandoned is actually a new Hideo Kojima game. Blue Box Studios, the upcoming game’s developer, quickly issued a statement in which they dissociate themselves with the father of the Metal Gear franchise.

The fandom’s Abandoned rumors and speculations are inspired by a prank Kojima pulled off in 2012, during The Phantom Pain game reveal – a game supposedly developed by Moby Dick Studios and its CEO Joakim Mogren. However, Joakim was an anagram of Kojima, and the game in question was later revealed as Metal Gear Solid V, so the fans are now referencing Kojima’s previous mischief to the mysterious nature of Blue Box Studios. But this isn’t the only wormhole gamers got sucked in; Blue Box Game Studios’ official Twitter account teased Abandoned’s other name, mentioning the letters S and L, which led many to believe that the title in question is actually a new Silent Hill game. 

In light of new speculations, Blue Box Studios issued another apology, putting distance between themselves and Konami, Silent Hill, and Hideo Kojima, negating all possible relationships with either of them. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mills, powered by numerous internet detectives and conspiracy theorists, pointing towards Hasan Kahraman (CEO of Blue Box) and Hideo Kojima’s matching initials, as well as Instagram posts of Kojima holding a blue box, to tweets containing the words Silent and Hills. And those are just some “coincidental” occurrences surrounding Kojima and Blue Box Studios.

Unfortunately, the mysteries surrounding Abandoned remain ripe with fan theories and postulations at the time of this writing since no official statement was issued regarding the game. Nevertheless, the mysterious nature of the upcoming release has garnered massive internet attention, despite most of the gaming public remaining in the dark regarding its narrative, plot, and its connection to Hideo Kojima and the Silent Hill franchise.