New Silent Hill Game Coming From A Well-Respected Developer?

A new Silent Hill game looks to be on the way.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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A new partnership deal between Konami and the Bloober Team includes the joint development of select content and know-how exchange between the parties, as stated by the Bloober Team. The involvement of a prominent developer of the horror video game genre could signal the development of a new Silent Hill game.

According to IGN, the new strategic cooperation agreement between Konami and Bloober Team will allow two companies to develop games together, adding weight to rumors about the new Silent Hill game. The rumor mill started turning after Konami outsourced development on the series to third-party developers, a rumor that was additionally fueled by the Bloober Team saying that the studio is working on a high-profile horror IP from a very famous publisher. Naturally, this started the buzz of the usual rumor mill, with many believing the IP the studio is working on is a new Silent Hill game.

Konami refused to comment on what IP Bloober Team is working on exactly, stating that the company is excited to work with the established horror game developer and other highly regarded partners to produce entries in existing and new IPs. Additionally, the company said they’ll announce any information from the business alliance once all details are ironed out, which implies that the collaboration between the two companies isn’t finalized. Regardless of the deal’s status, speculations, rumors, arrangement details, and Bloober Team’s dedication to the horror genre all point towards a new Silent Hill game. It’s worth mentioning that Konami’s gaming titles are transitioning to television and feature releases with massive success – especially Netflix’s Castlevania adaptation. It would be nice if the world’s largest streaming service revived the cinematic aspect of the horror franchise.

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It’s still unclear whether Konami’s and Bloober Team’s cooperation relates to the Silent Hill IP in any way. However, let’s assume that they are developing a new Silent Hill game, would it be safe to assume that the game would be safe in Bloober Team’s hands? Who better to develop a new entry in a beloved and scary survival horror franchise than the very same studio responsible for games such as Layers of Fear and Blair Witch. The studio’s most recent game, The Medium, draws incredible comparisons to Silent Hill and even features music from the series composer Akira Yamaoka, who also teased that his latest project will be announced this summer. According to him, it’s a long-awaited project for the fandom – another Silent Hill game, perhaps?

The most recent release in the horror gaming franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour, was released in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360 – nine long years ago. Its success could be attributed to that of the original 1999 game, dubbed as one of the best PlayStation games of all time. Rumors of the new Silent Hill game have been widespread ever since the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill, which was meant to be a series reboot. Unfortunately, the project was dissolved in 2015, after Kojima left Konami. However, many still speculate about his eventual return for the new Silent Hill game, and in more recent news, his ties with the upcoming Abandoned video game. Both rumors were later discredited.

Speaking for the fandom, they believe, that it’s high time for a new Silent Hill game; nine years have passed after the franchise’s last entry. Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill will probably never see the light of day, but Bloober Team’s take on the franchise might. Provided that it’s in any stage of development at all.