Netflix Getting A New Castlevania Series

Netflix just announced that they are producing a new Castlevania series which will be a followup to the current one which has just wrapped

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Dracula and vampire hunting fans are getting some good news coming out of Netflix this week. As part of their Geeked Week slate of reveals and teasers, the streaming platform has announced another Castlevania series, this one an offshoot of the program they have running currently. The latest news coming from Deadline is that the Castlevania universe is expanding to another program that will be loosely related the current one. 

This newest Castlevania show will be set during the French Revolution and will feature a totally new cast of characters in a story that will somewhat mirror the original show. In this one, the main character will be Richter Belmont, a descendant of the current show’s main character. While specific details of the new show haven’t been released yet, it stands to reason we can make some simple base assumptions about the plot. Belmont will likely be at it fighting hordes of vampires and possibly Dracula himself. 

Clive Bradley (Trapped) will act as showrunner for this new Castlevania series which is set to pick up hundreds of years after the events of the current show. Moving the setting out of Wallachia, a section of Romania, and into France will give the show and tone a new perspective, likely leaning more into the events of the French Revolution as the main backdrop. Fans of the original program are almost sure to get on board with this new story. 


The current Castlevania series just dropped its fourth season on Netflix. The series follows the story of Trevor Belmont as he tries to rid the titular place of Vlad Dracula Tepes who has vowed to turn the entire region into a horde of vampires to pay for the murder of his wife when she was burned at the stake. Along with Belmont, there’s also Sypha Belnades, a magician, and also Alucard Tepes, the son of Dracula who is part human. 

Castlevania, the original series, has received high praise from critics and is currently sitting at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on the popular Konami game from the 80s, the show expands the game’s world while also relying on much of the same action and adventure found in those earlier versions. Critical response has only gotten better over the years though they were finally able to fully wrap up the story with this final season. 

While not a strict sequel, it’s likely this new Castlevania carries over much of the same animation and production found in the original. With a time-honored story around the Dracula character and vampires in general, there is no shortage of ideas to draw on for the new series. 

The new Castlevania series was one of many new projects Netflix unveiled during its Geeked Week. Promoted mostly through its Twitter account, the streaming platform offered updates on Masters of the Universe: Revelation, The Witcher Season 2, Army of Thieves, a Vikings spin-off, Cowboy Bebop updates, and new cast members for Stranger Things among many, many other announcements. It’s an exciting time for the streaming platform with this new Castlevania update just adding to the list.