Yellowstone 1932: Everything We Know

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

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Yellowstone 1932 should come as no surprise. The original Yellowstone show starring Kevin Costner is a behemoth of modern television, and as such, is spinning off shows so fast it can be difficult to keep track of them. The gritty ranch melodrama from creator Taylor Sheridan has gripped Paramount viewers so firmly that the network seems to essentially be handing over the reins to the former Sons of Anarchy actor, and he is making the most of it. Following the first season of the Yellowstone 1883 prequel, Paramount has greenlit another show to be set between the two Yellowstone series (and a whole bunch of other Sheridan projects involving stern-faced men, but we’ll get to that). 

Here’s what we know about Yellowstone 1932 so far. 

What Will Yellowstone 1932 Be About?

Creator Taylor Sheridan has said that Yellowstone 1932 will feature a new generation of the Dutton family, which is to say an older one than the current day one featuring Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, and Kelly Reilly. The official line of the spinoff is that it “will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of western expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.” The time period of 1932 puts it right in the center of the Great Depression, so we will probably be jumping in right as things are getting desperate all over America.

It also feels likely that the Dutton family will be getting involved with some illegal alcoholic bootlegging. Maybe there will even be some appearances or mentions of the streak of highly publicized bank robberies of the period, committed by the likes of John Dillinger, Babyface Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd. 


Who Are The Dutton Family?

The Dutton family of the current day, as featured in Yellowstone proper, are a powerful family of cattle ranchers in Montana. Led by family patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner), they are constantly both defending their land and money from interlopers and trying to expand it. That generation includes a traumatized former Navy SEAL (Luke Grimes), a frustrated and ambitious attorney (Wes Bentley), and a woman (Kelly Reilly).

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The spinoff Yellowstone 1883 features an earlier iteration of the Duttons as they set out to the American frontier in the late 19th century, led by the husband and wife team of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They also have a young son, John Sr. (​​Audie Rick), who will grow up to be the grandfather of the character played by Costner. Yellowstone 1932 will feature a whole new bunch of Duttons. 

Who Will Star in Yellowstone 1932?

As of yet, neither Paramount nor Taylor Sheridan has released casting information for Yellowstone 1932. Given the general tone of both Yellowstone and Yellowstone 1883, we can expect some grizzled-looking older men who look good in cowboy hats, and likely some younger, less-grizzled men who also look good in cowboy hats. In terms of characterization, it is likely that this generation of the Dutton family will feature the aforementioned John Sr, as a grown man. Yellowstone proper guest-starred 90-year old actor Dabney Coleman as John Jr. (Kevin Costner’s father), so it will likely be seeing a child version of that character as well. 

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Will Kevin Costner Show Up?

Almost definitely not. Given that the real-life Kevin Costner is currently 67 years old and it can be inferred that the character of John Dutton III is about the same, he likely would not have been born until around the 1950s. However, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that we might get some flash-forwards or bookending scenes in Yellowstone 1932 to include some Costner in for good luck. 

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How Is It Connected to Yellowstone 1883?

Yellowstone 1932 will most likely serve as the bridge from Yellowstone 1883 to the main show. Given that Yellowstone 1883 is primarily concerned with the “wild frontier” era of American westward expansion, it is all about the Dutton family trying to entrench themselves in the land and will one day make them rich and powerful. It seems likely that Yellowstone 1932 will pick up with the next generation of the family in dire straits, as The Great Depression and the aftershocks of World War I threaten what they have managed to build so far. 

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How Will This Affect Yellowstone?

Yellowstone 1932 will be a prequel to Yellowstone proper, but there will be quite a few decades in between the events of the four seasons so far (barring any huge time jumps from 1932). So while Yellowstone 1932 will likely fill in a lot of the lore and mystery around the Dutton family, we will most likely see its effects in how surviving the Great Depression and building their empire molds the family into the ruthless, yet damaged clan they are. 

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When Will Yellowstone 1932 Be Released and How Can I Watch It?

Just like casting announcements, neither Paramount nor Taylor Sheridan have given a hard date for release. We know that Yellowstone is beginning production on its upcoming fifth season in May, and there was about a nine-month production time from the announcement of Yellowstone 1883 to its release in 2021, so that feels like it could be the turnaround time. We’re just speculating here, but it feels likely that Yellowstone 1932 will be released around November when families are most often together for Thanksgiving to watch some western soap opera dramas. 

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And one thing is for certain: like all new Paramount shows, Yellowstone 1932 will be released on their streaming platform Paramount+. As of 2022, Yellowstone is the only remaining scripted show releasing new episodes solely on the regular Paramount Network, and it looks like they’re putting all of Taylor Sheridan’s many, many, many upcoming shows on the platform. 

We’ll keep you updated!