Top Gun Star Wants To Be DC’s Booster Gold

Glenn Powell, Hangman from Top Gun: Maverick, mentioned in an interview he'd love to play Booster Gold in the DC Universe.

By Mark McKee | Published

glenn powell tom cruise
Glenn Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

The comic book world is in an uproar now that James Gunn and Peter Safran have released the first ten projects of their first chapter in the all-new DCU. One of those projects that has picked up some of the most excitement is the time-traveling poser of superheroes, Booster Gold. While there are dozens of fan casts out there, primarily Chris Pratt, Comic Book reports that Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell expressed his interest in bringing the character to life.  

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Glen Powell responded to fans throwing his name out as a possibility for characters like Cyclops, Hal Jordan, and Booster Gold. While he confessed that he isn’t much of a comic book fan or reader, he expressed his interest mainly in the latter. In his response, he spoke about how they are all cool, but the comedic side of Booster Gold is where he was the most interested. 

Glen Powell picked up a lot of focus in the last year when his career got a significant boost thanks to his roles in both Top Gun: Maverick and Devotion. Of course, his roles in both of those films were as successful and capable pilots, making his fan casting as Hal Jordan make more sense. Jordan is a test pilot in DC comics before he is chosen by the Green Lantern’s ring, making Powell the perfect fit for Jordan. 

Of course, if Powell wants to avoid being typecast as nothing more than a square-jawed man of the sky, it would be a good idea for him to pass on Hal Jordan and pursue a different role. While Glen Powell isn’t known for his comedic chops, Booster Gold would provide him with something that is completely opposite of his more recent parts. Of course, if he wants Gold, he seems to be in a situation where he will have to compete with fan-favorite, and Gunn favorite, Chris Pratt, for the role. 

booster gold
DC Comic’s Booster Gold

Booster Gold isn’t the most well-known of DC characters, but he is the perfect character for a James Gunn-led franchise. As a loveable screw-up from the future, he is full of comedy and wholesome heroic endeavors. Michael Carter is a man from the future that travels back in time to use his futuristic technology to become a superhero and make people like him. 

One thing about Glen Powell is that he has a wholesome, all-American look to him that makes him the perfect fit for all three of the characters. Cyclops, played by an equally all-American James Marsden in the original X-Men, sports the square-jawed and quaffed hair like the rest. And while Glen Powell revealed he has yet to have a conversation with either Marvel or DC, he said he is open to talking about all of them. 

The Top Gun: Maverick actor would be a great first pick for the new DCU. While there may be some excitement for the new ten-project breakdown of the future, DC and Warner Bros. Discovery cannot afford to stumble again. Scooping up one of the stars of 2022’s biggest movies is a significant first step in catching up with Marvel.