See The Office Turned Into A Horrifying Sci-Fi Series

By April Ryder | Published

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The Office

The Office as a sci-fi series may sound quite off-kilter from the actual show, but a post shared by the Midjourney subreddit presented a strange, AI-created version of the show that definitely raises some questions. 

Artificial intelligence may end up killing all of us, but in the meantime, using it to recreate The Office as a sci-fi series is simply amazing.

The brief sci-fi reimagination of The Office was created by Afraid2Sleep. It depicts a series of aliens infiltrating the show’s workplace setting and portrays some pretty accurate depictions of the show’s most beloved characters along the way. 

In the brief sci-fi clip posted, you’ll see AI’s take on Michael (Steve Carell), Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Jim (John Krasinski), Pam (Jenna Fischer), and Darryl (Craig Robinson), among others. The visualizations of the stars are pretty spot-on, and the reel makes you wonder … could they really make a sellable version of The Office as a sci-fi series? 

The Office has been an enduring part of pop culture for over a decade, but so far, there are no talks of any type of revival.

The recent drop of the beloved series’ silly reimagination shows how deep-rooted the fans’ admiration for the show really lives. The Office stopped airing new episodes more than a decade ago, yet some fans are still holding their breath waiting to see if a revival of the show comes to light. 

Despite the lasting resonance of the show, there has been little evidence from NBC executives that it will ever come back. Hopes for a reboot of The Office have only briefly been explored, with no true forward momentum in the works. 

The Office

Some cast members have expressed interest in revisiting their famed roles (John Krasinski and Mindy Kaling), and the creators of the show have even previously discussed how they might go about the approach of a reboot. 

Writer, producer, actor, and director on the show, B.J. Novak, has been pretty straightforward about his opinion that the time for a show reboot has passed. He believes that if the show were to return, it would have to be more of an artistic project rather than a money-making endeavor. 

The Office’s resident sci-fi fan, Dwight Schrute, would likely approve of seeing the documentary filmed throughout the series turned into a sci-fi movie.

An artistic approach wouldn’t be too far-fetched either, considering The Office fandom is alive and well with an array of sci-fi-related art that would certainly stir excitement in the heart of Dwight. A major part of the influential workplace comedy being such a hit with fans was that each episode told a new story, allowing for an array of individual storylines along the way. 

The Office

One of the consistent themes of The Office was Dwight Schrute’s fascination with sci-fi. In the Halloween episode of season two, Dwight shows up in a Sith Lord costume, which he is very proud to show off to his coworkers and friends. 

In the two-part finale of season seven, Dwight shows up to an interview for the Regional Manager position in full bandage wrap garb in homage to The Invisible Man, saying his name is Mr. Jacques Souvenir. Though the ruse didn’t actually land him the job, it was an excellent commitment to the role of one of Univeral’s most memorable monsters. 

Though The Office may never return to television as a mainstream or sci-fi-themed show, the memory and resonance of the series remain. You can watch all nine seasons of The Office on the streaming channel Peacock.