The Batman Trailer Brightened So You Can Actually See Something

Luckily, we've fixed it and now The Batman trailer is brighter. There's way more happening in the trailer than you even expect, it's just hidden in shadows.

By Liana Keane | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

the batman trailer brightened

The Batman trailer needed brightened. So we did it. Sure, the first trailer for The Batman debuted at DC Fandome and was met with wide approval. The movie stars Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne and despite the Twilight stink all over him, people are starting to come around to him as the Batman. Really there’s only one problem and it’s this…

The trailer’s too dark to actually see what’s going on. The Batman trailer needs brightened.

Luckily, we’ve fixed it and now The Batman trailer is brighter. There’s way more happening in the trailer than you even expect, it’s just hidden in shadows. We’ve screencapped every scene and then applied a simple brightening filter. Suddenly revealed is an actual movie with characters you can actually see.

I bet you didn’t even realize that shadowy mess of noises was actually Catwoman throwing down with Batman, but you’ll see that a light more in the gallery below with The Batman trailer brightened…

Some of the real highlights you can spot with The Batman trailer brightened include: a much better look at Colin Farrell as Penguin, an awesome Batman/Catwoman fight, a clear look at The Riddler, a great side-shot of the Batmobile, details on the Batman vs Jokers fight, a clear look at Commissioner Gordon, and a much better look at Batman himself.

Here’s the original version of the trailer for comparison. It’s dark and dreary and still pretty cool, as long as you don’t mind the fact that you can’t see what’s going on…

The Batman trailer before being brightened

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The big question going into The Batman itself is whether the movie will actually be as dark as the trailer. If it is, expect to have no idea what’s happening throughout most of it. Hopefully the excessive darkness in the trailer was just a means of adding a layer of mystery, as part of teasing the movie. Because really, that’s no way to spend 90-minutes, even in a movie theater. The Batman needs brightened. Show us what you went through all that trouble to shoot, Matt Reeves.