A New Star Wars Movie Short Was Just Released Online, Watch It Here

A new Star Wars short film throws you into the heat of battle from the enemy's perspective.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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A new Star Wars short has dropped online and it is one of the more exciting pieces of Star Wars filmmaking we have gotten in a while. The short film, called “Hunted”, ties in with the new video game Star Wars: Squadrons and it promises some pretty thrilling possibilities.

Check out the new Star Wars short right here:

The Star Wars short film begins over a brand new planet called Var-Shaa, where an Imperial dockyard hovers in orbit. After the crucial events that took place during the Battle of Endor, the dockyard was attacked by the Rebel Alliance and only the Star Destroyer Overseer was left. The seven-minute short follows the story of an Imperial pilot named Varko Grey, the leader of a team of pilots known as Titan squadron, as he is struggling to survive the onslaught.

What is interesting about this new short film is how it frames the story from the perspective of an Imperial officer. While that certainly isn’t uncommon in a lot of Star Wars material that isn’t the main film series, it is still refreshing to get a story set from a viewpoint we don’t get to see a lot of in the movies.

On that same note, the new character of Varko Grey certainly seems like a fascinating protagonist. Grey believes in the order that the Empire brought to the galaxy, and he is now stuck right in the middle of its precipitous downfall. Grey was originally a police officer on the planet Parkella, but became a TIE pilot after seeing the many sacrifices made by the brave Imperial soldiers in battle. Although Grey would come into conflict with the Empire’s methods, his quest to prevent corruption and injustice saw them as the best hope for the galaxy.

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Star Wars: Squadrons will have players alternating between New Republic and Imperial pilots in the campaign mode. Varko Grey is likely going to be one of the game’s main protagonists. The story of the game involves an endeavor from the New Republic called Project Starhawk, and the Empire has sent spies to investigate the mysterious initiative.

There certainly seems to be a lot of momentum in the Star Wars universe. A potential new Mace Windu project is making the rumor rounds, and the new season The Mandalorian starts at the end of October. Star Wars: Squadrons is already available for pre-order and will release on October 2. It has been nine months since Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker and four months since the ending of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Looks like the Star Wars machine is getting back up and running.

Will we be getting a similar film that shows us the New Republic’s side of things? This is obviously the beginning of a big ramp up for the game’s advertising. Could we be getting a few more peaks into these new characters? And will we be seeing any other familiar faces from the Star Wars universe making an appearance? We’ll find out once the game hits shelves at the beginning of October.

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