Total Recall Plastic Surgery And Other Faux Sci-Fi Businesses

By Nick Venable | Updated

total recallMost of our favorite characters in sci-fi have distinct jobs that are almost as important as the characters themselves. Dr. Peter Venkman was a Ghostbuster. Rick Grimes was a cop. Malcolm Reynolds was a badass ship captain. But there’s an entire labor industry embedded Hollywood films that you may have never noticed before. And design studio Invasione Creativa has scoured the cinematic landscape to create faux business cards. I don’t see any business cards for whoever would actually be selling these things though, as they’re definitely welcome to fill up my wallet since there’s no money in there to keep them company or anything.

Speaking of companies, I’m not quite sure that it’s the greatest idea for a successful plastic surgery practice to offer the world triple boob surgeries. As inspired by Total Recall, this strange end of the medical spectrum would be off-putting to some, but I bet a large enough client base would form that might keep them in business for a while, especially those of who were adolescent boys in 1990.

Some of these other concepts are obvious, such as the gang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles running a pizza company, or Donnie Darko‘s Frank opening up a costume company. On the other hand, having The Matrix‘s Thomas Anderson as an Internet provider and HAL 9000 as a security system are especially nice touches. Take a look at some of them below.

total recall

ninja turtles

donnie darko

the matrix

hal 9000
They also designed cards for shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Titanic and The Shining, but of course we just want to see more sci-fi stuff get covered. If you didn’t think you had all the cat food you needed in life, look no farther than someone from District 9 to help you out. You might need some milk to wash that all down, so just call your local droog from Clockwork Orange. And while they aren’t specific about whether they’re into towing things or just blasting them from one place to another, the Transformers can help you move that old, broken down car.

Check out a few more images below and see the rest here.

clockwork orange


district 9