Terminator 2 Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Stan Winston School

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

The late Stan Winston was truly one of the greats, a man who lent his talent and creativity to iconic genre films such as John Carpenter’s The Thing, Jurassic Park, Galaxy Quest, and Aliens. He is perhaps best known, however, for his work on another of James Cameron’s genre classics: the Terminator films, where he brought the titular cyborg to life in ways that are still impressive even all these years later.

A while back the folks of the Stan Winston School released some amazing behind-the-scenes shots from the production of Terminator 2 to the folks over at Geek Tyrant, and you can check out a few of them below.


What impresses me most about these images is the sheer level of detail and craftwork. These days so much can be done on computers, but I’m always glad to see when a project also incorporates practical effects. When they inevitably get around to rebooting the Terminator franchise — and you just know they will — I’m sure there will be slick CGI cyborgs as far as the eye can see. But regardless of how good the computer work gets, I doubt they’ll ever be able to top my memory of first watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 cut and then peel back all the skin off his arm, revealing the cybernetic skeleton inside. Classic Stan Winston.



You can see more of the pictures at GeekTyrant.