This LEGO Terminator Was Sent Back In Time To Kick Ass

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

TermFeatWho knew that all of those hours you spent playing with stackable plastic blocks as a child may have been preparation for a strange new career path, or at least a budding art form. This current trend crafting full-scale LEGO replicas of iconic science fiction creations is something I can totally get behind. We’ve recently seen an X-Wing Fighter that took more than five million pieces to construct, and which is the largest single LEGO structure ever assembled, as well as an ornate, creepy-ass Alien facehugger. Those are both pretty cool, but for my money, neither of them hold a candle to this T-800 from Terminator.

Built by LEGO enthusiast Martin Latta, this T-800 took more than 15,000 blocks to finish, and it was worth every single one. He captured all of the intricacies of the pistons and hoses and joints. For Christ’s sake, the eyes even light up. If this came back in time without the evil red eyes, it wouldn’t strike nearly as much fear into your heart.

Now, the real trick is going to be crafting a life-like exterior to go over the mechanical core. After all, a T-800 just isn’t a T-800 unless the outside looks like a former Austrian bodybuilder turned action movie hero turned California governor turned action movie hero again. However, if this is any indication, if anyone can pull off something like that, Latta sure is a prime candidate. The man clearly has some mad LEGO skills.

LEGO Terminator