Grays Sports Almanac iPad Cover, Oh Là Là Not Included

By Rudie Obias | Updated

Grays Sports AlmanacWith only a year and a half until we reach the future world of 2015 from Back to the Future Part II, many manufacturers and companies are racing to make that future a reality. Last year, Nike released the very limited edition McFly sneakers (without the power laces) and Mattel sold the limited edition pink hoverboard (without hover capabilities). It’s only a matter of time before the Pepsi Corporation releases the Pepsi Perfect soft drink (which won’t be perfect) and Pizza Hut starts selling hydrating mini-pizzas (which won’t hydrate). Now one online retailer is starting to sell limited edition Grays Sports Almanac iPad covers.

FireBox has the exclusive rights to sell special Grays Sports Almanac iPad covers. Yes, a plot point from Back to the Future Part II can be yours for only $30. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the sports statistics from 1950 to the year 2000 inside, but you can still try to get it out of the hands of Old Biff Tannen before he steals the DeLorean time machine to give it to his past self in 1955, thus changing history…future history for all of Hill Valley.

The Grays Sports Almanac iPad cover even comes with a warning that reads, “Not to be used to create a series of paradoxes that destroy time.” It’s also noted in the item’s description that the cover is for the iPad 2 and higher, but doesn’t come with the alternative Oh Là Là cover. So that’s a bummer.

Although Back to the Future Part II is probably the weakest of the trilogy, it is the only film in the series that has captured the imagination of geek culture as a whole. After all, the first part of the movie is set in the (then) distant future, and that accounts for a lot of imagination to think up things like a self-drying jacket, thumb-print payments, and the Chicago Cubs sweeping the World Series over an unnamed American League Miami baseball team.

Watch Marty McFly freak out over a copy of Oh Là Là below: