A Darth Vader And Hitler Rematch From Epic Rap Battles Of History

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Just because this video involves Hitler doesn’t necessarily make it NSFW, but He does drop a “c-word” in the first line of the song. Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD don’t play. Be warned. And amused.

I could be in the worst mood of my life — possibly because I picked up that peanut butter jar ready to make a sandwich and found there was only a half-sandwich’s worth inside — but all it takes is one of the incredibly well-produced videos from the guys behind Epic Rap Battles of History to turn my frowns into cackles. For the third season premiere of their YouTube series, they’re brought back the two biggest mack daddies of them all. Darth Vader! Vs! Hitler!

As with all of their videos, this one doesn’t pull its verbal punches, and delivers some of the most cleverly relevant rhymes out there. I suppose it could offend both sci-fi fans and all non-Nazis, but all is fair in love and war-themed humor. “The F├╝hrer will crush the Dark Side, like a rap Apartheid.” No one said it needed to be complicated to be fun.

But why am I defending this using a Hitler lyric? Nobody wants Hitler to win. This is one of those rare occasions where we dip behind Darth Vader’s corner to cheer for a while before running back to Han, hoping Chewbacca didn’t see. Not that he’d tell if he did. I know things about Chewbacca.

“When your bunker started getting fired up, you put a gun in your mouth and you fired up.” Lest anyone forget, Hitler didn’t even give himself the chance to defend his bunker until eventually facing his son in one final showdown. He committed suicide. And not in a noble “giving myself up for the Greater Good” way like Obi Wan Kenobi, though he did go down that way in the video.

Because HOW DARE HE interrupt Boba Fett? Hitler loses by default for that. In this battle. And at life. Tack it onto his list of other offenses.

Interested in seeing how the video was made? Check out the behind-the scenes video below.

We’re pretty big fans of ERB here at GFR (BTW), and you can see other vidoes here and here. But there’s no sense in leaving before watching Hitler vs. Vader 2.