It’s Doc Brown Vs. The Doctor In A New Epic Rap Battle

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

They’re both time travelers. They both purport to be Doctors, even if Doc Brown’s credentials are a bit less vague than those of the Doctor. They are both followed around by younger companions who often get them into complicated messes. And given the long, time-jumping history of the Doctor, I’m sure both have pissed off the Libyans at some point. So, how is one to decide who would win in a fight between Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown and Doctor Who‘s Doctor?

But don’t worry, there won’t be any actual bloodshed. Plus, a fight to the death would be unfair since the Doctor can just regenerate. And since neither Doc Brown nor the Doctor are big proponents of hand-to-hand combat, the two decided to settle the matter in the manner of civilized men everywhere: a rap battle.

This showdown is the latest installment in the Epic Rap Battles webseries, which pits various personages both historic and fictional against each other, with their only weapons their mastery of rhythm and rhyme. Past battles have included Obama vs. Romney, Darth Vader vs. Hitler, and Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking.

Now if we can just get an Epic Rap Battle between different versions of the Doctor…

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