Tesla Faces Edison In Electrifying Rap Battle

By Nick Venable | Published

“If you haven’t heard of Epic Rap Battles of History, I’m not tattling.
But I’m addled with being saddled to describe the clever gabbing
Behind the informative assorted videos forming more facts
Than formative years of education with texts that lack the brass tacks.”

Epic Rap Battles of History, as that riffed intro so eloquently did not describe, is one of the best YouTube series out there, and its hyper-creative creators and performers, Nice Peter (Peter Shukoff) and EpicLLOYD (Lloyd Ahlquist), are kind of like the Schoolhouse Rocks! for the teen population just getting into using cuss words. It’s essentially a miniature history lesson as told through wordplay and aggressive bashing. Their 30th video, “Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison,” recently dropped, and in two minutes it does more good for Tesla’s legacy than the majority of the dunderheaded Edison-worshiping population has provided in the last hundred and some odd years. Tesla, baby!

It would be one thing if these guys were only doing this stuff in a backyard against a black backdrop, but the production value for their videos has always been impressive, and just keeps getting better. Their comment boards are bogged down with people suggesting future battles, and while wondering is part of the fun, people should just let those guys do their thing. And if that thing happens to be creating a battle between both of Zaphod Beeblebrox’s heads, so be it.

And because I can’t leave you guys with just one thing to nosh on, here’s “Doctor Who vs. Doc Brown” for your listening pleasure. Best Marty McFly moment you’ll see outside of the original flick.