5 Underappreciated Time Travel Movies To Watch After Predestination

Time is on your side.

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

LaJeteeLa Jetée

Odds are that you’re more than familiar with Terry Gilliam’s wingnut time travel jaunt 12 Monkeys, but what you might not know is that concept is borrowed from Chris Marker‘s experimental 1962 French short La Jetée. This influence actually led to the first “inspired by” credit on a film. Told through a series of still photos and voiceover narration, the story follows a prisoner in a post-World War III society that has been driven underground by nuclear fallout. He is sent back in time to “rescue the future,” where he falls in love and finds himself trapped in a fixed loop of events. La Jetée is beautiful, strange, and wholly unique, and if you haven’t yet tracked it down, you can find it online and it is well worth 28-minutes of your time. And if you don’t want to check this out, you can always rewatch 12 Monkeys again, or just wait for the serialized Syfy version that premieres soon.

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