5 Underappreciated Time Travel Movies To Watch After Predestination

Time is on your side.

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Time LapseTime Lapse

The best time travel movies are all warnings about the potential hazards of tinkering with time, and the 2014 indie Time Lapse is definitely a cautionary tale about taking shortcuts to an end goal. When three friends who share an apartment discover a camera that takes pictures 24-hours into the future, it gives them a window into what’s to come. Initially it’s great as they use their new toy to cash in, but as lust, greed, and ambition start to creep in and take over, they become obsessed and turn on each other, starting down a dark, dangerous path. Director Bradley King channels Hitchcock, gradually cranking up the tension at every turn, until the wire in the apartment it drawn so tight that any move is hazardous, and the characters, all fantastic performances, try to figure out if they’ve been freed or trapped by the camera.

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