The 10 Best Robot Friends In Movies, Buddies Made Of Real Steel

Robots may one day rise up and destroy mankind, but if it does happen at least we’ll have a few good robot buddies on our side.

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

The Fix Its from Batteries Not Included
We don’t really know what the “Fix Its” are, or where they came from. They look like mini-spaceships, which is mentioned in the movie. And there’s even a question of whether little beings live on and operate the machines. But the machines themselves exhibit emotional reactions, and they appear to have three offspring. All we do know is that when times are tough for some elderly East Village tenants in NYC these little guys show up to help out. There’s no real reason why they’re there. When arson destroys the home of Frank and Faye, along with the other residents of the building, the Fix Its get help and rebuild the building. Perhaps they’ve come to Earth to make humans better buildings. Interestingly batteries not included was written, in part, by Brad Bird.

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