The 10 Best Robot Friends In Movies, Buddies Made Of Real Steel

Robots may one day rise up and destroy mankind, but if it does happen at least we’ll have a few good robot buddies on our side.

By Steve West | Updated

The Good Robot Us’s from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
Now we’re getting closer to Real Steel territory with the pair of good robot versions of Bill and Ted. Built by Station, and being his most bodacious creations, the Good Robot Us’s are remote controlled. Perhaps they’re not the best looking robots, but what do you want from an early 90s hardware store? Even the most genius of creatures in heaven aren’t capable of miracles. I’ll always maintain that Bogus Journey is a really fun film that is highly quotable. And when Bill and Ted finally get their revenge on the Evil Bill and Ted androids, via remote controlled robot smack down, it’s a great moment. Sure a sentient robot would be cool to have, but there’s something to be said for a life size remote controlled version of you.

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