The 10 Best Robot Friends In Movies, Buddies Made Of Real Steel

Robots may one day rise up and destroy mankind, but if it does happen at least we’ll have a few good robot buddies on our side.

By Steve West | Updated

V.I.N.CENT from The Black Hole
Though the movie itself was originally greenlit as a way to cash-in on the popularity of Star Wars, and though the character himself was almost definitely created as a way of aping R2D2, somehow everything about The Black Hole and V.I.N.CENT manages to stand on their own two feet. Unlike R2D2, V.I.N.Cent isn’t just loveable, he’s dangerous. His name may stand for Vital Information Necessary CENTralized but this little robot’s more than a floating encyclopedia. He’s a crack shot and he’s packing heat. Incredibly brave and impossible to intimidate despite his smallish size, V.I.N.CENT stands up to bigger, badder robot models to protect the defenseless and save his human friends. V.I.N.CENT’s the kind of robot you want on your side.

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