First Humanoid Robot Factory In History Is Opening

Per a recent write-up in Axios, a factory that produces humanoid robots is set to open in Salem, Oregon as …

2 days ago

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Octopus Robot Arm Enhances Human-Machine Interaction

It seems that new technology is being developed every day, bringing humanity closer and closer to bridging the gap between …

4 days ago

The NYPD Robot Policing Times Square Station

If you grew up in the ‘80s, then kickass movies like Robocop have had you pondering what a robotic policeman …

2 weeks ago


Chipotle Founder Opening New Robot Restaurant

According to a recent write-up in Eater, over a dozen new robot-operated restaurants will soon be erected in New York, …

3 weeks ago

Robot Crushes Man To Death During Inspection

A man from South Korea had a run-in with a rogue robot this week, leading to his death. The man …

4 weeks ago

The Robot Rhinoceros We All Want To Ride Immediately

Yes, a robot rhino exists and we’d like to book a ride. Futurism reports that this year at the Japan …

1 month ago

China Producing Humanoid Robots By 2025?

Yahoo! reports that China is taking the development of humanoid robots quite seriously, and plans to start rolling out the …

1 month ago


Amazon Robots Are Taking Over Company’s Biggest Job

It sounds like a title to a 1950s B movie, but the Amazon robots are coming. Bloomberg reports that to …

2 months ago

Robot With Rocket Launcher Is Now Out On The Battlefield

The U.S. Marine Corps recently conducted a test involving a four-legged robot equipped with an M72 infantry anti-armor rocket launcher. …

2 months ago

AI Designed A Walking Robot And It’s Hilariously Bad

If you’ve ever wondered if AI would be as awkward when designing a walking robot as it would writing a …

2 months ago

Disney Reveals Robot With Radical Emotional Design

Disney brought an adorable, emotive robot to the 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Detroit …

2 months ago

Robots Are Now Making Your Fast Food

The march of automation in the food industry is on the rise. CNBC recently reported that Chipotle Mexican Grill is …

2 months ago

Chipotle Is Using Robots To Make Burrito Bowls

The robot uprising has begun…maybe. According to CNBC, Chipotle Mexican Grill is currently testing automated systems for crafting its salads …

2 months ago

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A Robot CEO Is Running An Entire Company

Dictador, a Polish drinks company, has entrusted its highest executive position to an AI-powered humanoid robot named Mika. Appointed as …

2 months ago

terminator robots

Scientists Are Using Fungus To Create The Terminator

Researchers Antoni Gondia and Andrew Adamatzky recently gave a robot living skin made of fungus (via Futurism). Any science enthusiast …

3 months ago

robot soldier

United States Is Growing A Robot Army

The time has finally come for robots to duke it out. According to ScienceAlert, to keep up with the ongoing …

3 months ago

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NASA Video Shows Off New Moon Robots, Will We Need Astronauts Anymore?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently shared footage of their newly developing moon robots on their Twitter account and hope …

4 months ago

robot dogs

Robot Dogs Armed With Flamethrowers Now Available For Purchase

The company Throwflame is putting robot dogs armed with flamethrowers up for sale.

6 months ago

See the Terrifying New Robot That Can Pack Itself Flat And Turn Into Every Shape

A team of researchers have developed a flat robot that is completely modular.

6 months ago

big hero 6

Scientists Make Big Hero 6 Robot A Reality

Engineers use polygon meshing to recreate robots that can take on different shapes, like the one seen in Big Hero 6.

6 months ago

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Robot Pizza Company Raised $500 Million Dollars And Couldn’t Make Pies Right

Zuma, a pizza delivery startup run by robots, has gone out of business because the droids couldn’t keep the cheese from falling off the pies.

6 months ago


Chipotle Founder Wants To Open Fast Food Chain Run Entirely By Robots

Chipotle founder Steve Ells is looking to replace human fast food workers with robots in a new venture called Kernel.

6 months ago

tesla robot

Tesla Just Released The Terrifying First Look At Its Humanoid Robots

Elon Musk unveiled a look at Tesla’s new robots.

7 months ago

robot snake alien

NASA Is Using Robot Snakes To Look For Aliens

NASA is developing a snake-like robot to explore other planets.

7 months ago

Watch Robots Learning To Play Soccer In An Adorable Yet Oddly Creepy Video

Google’s DeepMind AI Lab trained robots to play soccer.

7 months ago

disney robots

Disney Reveals Robots With Emotionally Intelligent AI

Disney debuted new robots at SXSW that are designed to foster an emotional connection with the audience using advanced AI capabilities.

9 months ago

Terminator 3

Humanoid Robots Are Going To Be Here Sooner Than We Expect?

A report suggests humanoid robots are expected to begin replacing human workers by the end of the decade.

9 months ago

robot sports

Robots Are Getting Their Own Sports Tournament And One Bot Is Leading The Pack

A soccer robot named ARTEMIS will compete at the 2023 RoboCup.

9 months ago

love death robots season 3 robot

Robots Are Replacing Humans In The Last Place You’d Expect, And It’s Terrifying Experts

A robot is performing a prayer ritual in India, which leads critics to question the introduction of AI to religion.

9 months ago

robot dog

Watch Robodog Rip Off A Model’s Clothes During Paris Fashion Week

A robodog helped steal the show at Paris Fashion Week by helping a model remove her jacket on the runway.

9 months ago