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Amazon Kills Astro Robots But One Generation Lives On

Amazon is putting the kibosh on the business versions of its Astro robots. These Black Mirror-esque rolling bot assistants essentially …

4 days ago

Lab-Grown Human Skin For Robots Is Now Real

A team of Japanese scientists has revealed breakthrough technology that engineers synthetic human skin. While specifically made to cover the …

2 weeks ago

Edible Robots Are Actually On The Way?

You’ve seen robots that take over the world in sci-fi, but it might be a lot harder for the robots …

3 weeks ago

Drone Police Are Now Real And Your City Could Be Next

In today’s dystopian news, drone police are becoming more popular, and they could be headed to your city next. In …

1 month ago

Children Trust Robots Over Humans In Stunning Discovery

If robots ever take over the world, at least the kids will like them. According to a recent study published …

1 month ago

michael bay real transformers

Real Transformers Now Exist With AI Shape-Shifting Robots

A recent groundbreaking development feels torn straight from the pages of science fiction: researchers from MIT have revealed the world’s …

2 months ago

isaac asimov

See Isaac Asimov Explain The Robot Rules Humans Need Now More Than Ever

Even if you’ve never heard them called by name, or even have no idea who Isaac Asimov was, I guarantee …

2 months ago

See Thermonator, The Flame-Throwing Robot Dog You Can Now Own In Action

A robotic dog armed with a flamethrower seems like something only a comic book supervillain could own, but that’s no …

3 months ago

Star Trek Holodeck Brought To Life To Train Robots

Trekkies the world over fondly remember the Star Trek Holodeck, the series mainstay that functions, for so many, as a …

3 months ago

Emo Is The New Robot Learning How To Smile With Humans

Consider it a significant leap in closing the communicative gap between humans and robots (who will soon probably replace humans …

3 months ago

Robot Dog Takes A Bullet To Protect Police

Roscoe, a robot dog deployed by the Massachusetts State Police, was shot while aiding officers during a standoff on Cape …

3 months ago

See Isaac Asimov’s Eleven – The Ultimate Robot Heist Team

If you’re gonna break the law, why not break it with robots?

4 months ago

Chinese Humanoid Robot Defeats Speed Record, See The Machine In Action

In robotics, achieving the fluidity and agility of human movement has long been a challenge for developers. While the complexities …

4 months ago

Major Automaker Employs Humanoid Robots In Factories

As technology continues to revolutionize various industries, Mercedes is taking a bold step into the future by employing humanoid robots …

4 months ago

T-1000 Comes To Life, Robot Escapes With Liquid Metal Transformation

Since the T-1000 robot first appeared on the big screen in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, sci-fi fans and scientists …

4 months ago

mark Zuckerberg AI

OpenAI Robot Is The Next Step Towards Terminators

Has the Terminator era truly begun? In a stunning (and perhaps terrifying) display of technological prowess, Figure, a robotics startup …

4 months ago

terminator skynet

OpenAI Humanoid Robots Are Coming, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Humanoid robot manufacturer Figure signed a deal with OpenAI, which allows it to build language-learning capabilities into its robots. The …

4 months ago

Figure AI Humanoid Robot Gets Huge Investors

Figure AI, an innovative startup at the forefront of developing humanoid robots, is currently making waves in the tech world …

5 months ago

World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot Created By High Schoolers

High school students in Hong Kong have just achieved a world record in robotics. A group of young engineers from …

5 months ago

robot waiter

Actual Robot Waiters Were Serving Food In The 80s

Apparently, the 1980s were much closer to a Jetson-style future than most of us really thought. Sure, we were all …

5 months ago

The Sci-Fi Movie That Succeeds With Simplicity, And You Don’t Need A Disney+ Subscription To Stream

At first glance, Pixar’s iconic classic WALL-E is a complicated science fiction tale, set against a grand post-apocalyptic backdrop. But …

5 months ago

robot soldier

Robots Are At War With Each Other

In Ukraine’s ongoing battle against Russian invaders, an influx of robots adds a new element to the war. Now, nearly …

5 months ago

Robot Dinosaurs Unleashed In Wild Experiment

In a move that combines two of Michael Crichton’s greatest works, scientists have released robot dinosaurs into the wild for …

6 months ago

Humanoid Robots Enter The Workforce

Humanoid Robots developed by Figure will be joining the workforce sooner than expected, and you’ll be amazed at the staggering …

6 months ago

Dragon Robot Firefighter Is Now A Real Thing

A team of Japanese researchers are in the process of developing a flying dragon robot firefighter. Measuring in at just …

6 months ago

Robot Mixologists Replacing Human Bartenders

As Fox News details, robot mixologists are on the horizon and may well threaten human jobs. Indeed, the robotic revolution represents a …

7 months ago

Army Robot Combat Vehicles Revealed, Terminator Becoming Reality

Each passing day brings yet another technological advancement, and James Cameron’s The Terminator becomes more of a prophetic piece rather …

7 months ago

First Humanoid Robot Factory In History Is Opening

Per a recent write-up in Axios, a factory that produces humanoid robots is set to open in Salem, Oregon as …

7 months ago

alfred molina spider-man villains doctor octopus

Octopus Robot Arm Enhances Human-Machine Interaction

It seems that new technology is being developed every day, bringing humanity closer and closer to bridging the gap between …

7 months ago

The NYPD Robot Policing Times Square Station

If you grew up in the ‘80s, then kickass movies like Robocop have had you pondering what a robotic policeman …

8 months ago