See The World During The Time Of Dinosaurs In Prehistoric Planet Official Trailer

Prehistoric Planet is a docuseries that aims to show what the planet was like when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and now the official trailer has dropped.

By James Brizuela | Published

prehistoric planet

Who doesn’t love nature documentaries? Well, a new documentary on AppleTV+ has targeted a subject that should make all of us feel like children again. That subject is that of the dinosaurs. Prehistoric Planet is the new documentary that is set to air on the streaming platform, that comes from the minds of Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton. In typical fashion, this new documentary will also be narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. The man’s voice is one of the most recognizable when it comes to nature documentaries. While AppleTV+ offered a sneak peek two months ago, the full-length official trailer has finally been revealed. You can see the trailer below:

The trailer shows a unique combination of what appears to be real-life locations with a mixture of strong and convincing CGI animation to bring these extinct dinosaurs back to life. Prehistoric Planet aims to breathe life back into the world in which dinosaurs roamed free. The trailer shows plenty of dinos that we all likely know. Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and Raptors are part of the lineup that most people are familiar with. However, there are a ton of new dinos shown that we have never seen before. This new documentary is clearly making sure to take extra care with the factual elements this series is meant to provide. Quite honestly, we have never seen whatever dinosaur is shown around the 1:05 mark, but it has orange bubbles on its neck. That’s some must-see TV right there.

The producers of Planet Earth brought a whole other level to the world with their gorgeous nature documentaries, and now they are planning to do the same with this new Prehistoric Planet documentary series that transports everyone watching back 66 million years ago. The world was clearly much different then, but we will get to see the animals that would involve in the modern-day critters we know today. Scientists always say that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and these hairy raptors with wings seem to be a tell-tale sign of that. Seeing a T-Rex swim is also something that we did not expect to see at all. They have such small frontal arms. How is that even possible? Well, guess we should all watch this documentary to find out the answer to that riddle.

Prehistoric Planet will be premiering on Apple TV+ during a five-night event. Each night, a new episode will debut on the streaming platform. Those dates are Monday, May 23rd to Friday, May 27th. On top of the voice that has educated us for decades handling the narration duties, there is also a legendary composer that has handled the score for the series. Hans Zimmer has worked on the music for the series. He has worked on plenty of films like Dunkirk, The Dark Knight, and docuseries like Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. His beautiful music mixed with David Attenborough’s voice is sure to allow people to relax and learn all about the animals that once populated the planet. Be prepared for a journey unlike any other.