Michael Keaton Joins Upcoming Hitman Action Movie

By Douglas Helm | 6 days ago

micheal keaton

Michael Keaton seems like a busy guy, but it looks like he’s finding the time to pull double-duty as the star and director of an upcoming hitman action flick. Keaton will be taking charge in more ways than one for the noir thriller Knox Goes Away. The movie was written by Gregory Poirier and will be produced by Brookstreet and Sugar23.

Knox Goes Away has an interesting premise. Michael Keaton will be playing a contract killer who is diagnosed with a rapidly-developing case of dementia. He is given the opportunity for redemption by getting a job to save his estranged son. He must race against the police and his own mind to get the job done. No word on a release date yet, but the film is due to start filming at the end of summer.

While we wait for Michael Keaton to make his first return to the director’s chair since 2008’s The Merry Gentlemen, we’ll get to see him return to one of the roles that launched him into the Hollywood stratosphere. Not only will we get to see him return to this famous role, but we’ll also get to see him do it twice. Keaton is set to return as Bruce Wayne/Batman in both Batgirl and The Flash. While we don’t know for sure if he’ll be playing the same Bruce Wayne as the one in the Burton films, the possibilities of the multiverse make it a seemingly safe bet.

Though Batgirl will surely have Michael Keaton in a prominent role, the movie will be all about Barbara Gordon taking over the cape and cowl as Batgirl. The movie stars Leslie Grace in the titular role. JK Simmons will also be reprising his role as Commissioner Gordon. Batgirl will be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The movie will also star Brendan Fraser, Ivory Aquino, Jacob Scipio, and more. For those who want to see a female version of the Caped Crusader, this movie will probably help ease the sting of losing the fan-favorite Batwoman on the CW, which was just canceled after three seasons.

Although the movie seems to be coming apart at the seams, we should get to see Michael Keaton reprise Bruce Wayne once again in The Flash. We should also get to see another Batman in the form of Ben Affleck’s version from the Zack Synder films. Of course, The Flash is facing some star problems, as the person playing Barry Allen has had some legal troubles as of late. Ezra Miller was recently arrested again, so it remains to be seen if Warner Bros will continue to work with them in the near future. As far as other on-screen versions of the Flash go, there is a little more luck to be had for fans as the CW show is still running. The Flash is also set to star Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Michael Shannon, Kiersey Clemons, Sasha Calle, Temuera Morrison, and more. Batgirl is set to release sometime this year while The Flash is set for next summer.