Batwoman Canceled At The CW, Our Scoop Confirmed

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago


Gotham City is going to need to find a new caped crusader because they are down one at least for the time being. Batwoman has been canceled on The CW and the series will not return for a fourth season. This follows a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive scoop from our trusted and proven source about a year ago when we were given the heads up that the show was on the ropes. At the time, representatives from The CW reached out to deny that the show was, in any way, in trouble. But, at least now, that looks to be the case and after three seasons the Javicia Leslie-led series will be no more.

The announcement came over Twitter (via Deadline) where showrunner Caroline Dries shared the news that the series was no more. It was a bummer of a post, especially for those still hanging on to the show over the third season. While the ratings had been headed south, it still had a committed fanbase at its core.  Some fans were quick to ring in voicing their displeasure about the decision.  Check out what Dries had to say about the decision from The CW to not renew Batwoman.

In our original scoop, there was some reason for hope where Batwoman, at least the character, was concerned. That’s because though the series is being canceled, there was a thought at the time that Javicia Leslie would still stay around as Ryan Wilder/ Batwoman, a role she had since Season 2 of the series. She wasn’t the original star of the show but took over after original star Ruby Rose as Wallis Day stepped aside. This hadn’t been the original plan for the series, but Rose had a contentious relationship with certain folks in the production, something she has voiced in the time since leaving. She’s alleged abuse on the part of those in the studio, specifically following an injury she sustained while starring in the role. 

Resetting the timeline with Javicia Leslie certainly wasn’t the first choice and they had to think of a way for her to take on the Batwoman moniker in a somewhat organic way. Season 1 of Batwoman saw decent numbers, at least to start, with the pilot pulling in 1.86 million viewers, though by the season finale that number had dwindled to 740,000 in the United States. From there, the next two seasons hovered around 500,000 viewers (or fewer) over the next two seasons. There wasn’t a ton of hope for a bounce-back. That being said, the first two seasons did receive positive marks from critics with the Rotten Tomatoes scores hitting 80% and 85% respectively. 

We will now need to wait and see where Javicia Leslie turns back up in the Arrowverse. There are currently series like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Superman & Lois running. And considering the size of this franchise, there could be more on the way in coming years. But for now, Batwoman is no more, canceled after three seasons and 51 total episodes.