Ezra Miller Just Got Arrested Again

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

ezra miller the flash dc

To say Ezra Miller is having a bad month would be a complete understatement. Following a somewhat high-profile arrest a few weeks ago in Hawaii, and then a restraining order against him by a local couple, The Flash star is back in the news again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ezra Miller has been arrested again, in Hawaii again, this time on suspicion of second-degree assault. Details are still emerging around what exactly happened here, but it appears he was arrested following an altercation at a private get-together in Pahoa. 

According to the reporting from THR, the police were called to a residence in Pahoa because a person at the party was refusing to leave. And in the course of this back-and-forth, Ezra Miller was reported to have picked up a chair to throw it across the room. It ended up striking one of the partygoers in the head and she was cut. Apparently, Ezra Miller then left the party and was stopped at a traffic stop and detained by police. This latter part was according to the police department’s filings. He was subsequently released and an investigation is now underway to determine exactly what happened.

This alleged incident follows Ezra Miller being arrested at a bar in Hawaii about three weeks ago. This incident allegedly involved Miller becoming belligerent while frequenting the establishment. He was said to have tried to remove the microphone from a woman who was performing karaoke and then he tried to lay hands on someone playing a dart game. He was arrested, posted bail, and then was released. There hasn’t been further information about what will happen with Ezra Miller regarding this situation or if additional charges were pressed against the actor.

ezra miller asking for it

Following that incident, a local couple with whom Ezra Miller was reportedly staying on the island said that the actor had threatened to “murder” them after he returned to their residence. They ended up filing a restraining order at the time against Miller citing fear about the actor’s resources and ability to cause them harm in the future. Though, somewhat surprisingly, a couple of weeks later the couple requested that the restraining order be lifted. So either they had a change of heart, or something else transpired.

All of this has amounted to an incredibly bad press cycle for the actor whose movie Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was just released in theaters. Though that movie is already in the can, there are now serious questions about what happens with Ezra Miller in the DC Extended Universe. It’s there that he plays Barry Allen/The Flash with a new movie due out in the summer of 2023. While it looks like his job is safe there, for now, continued incidents involving the actor could call that into question. 

Again, this latest alleged incident involving Ezra Miller is currently under investigation. We will surely have more details released shortly. It’s been a strange few weeks for the actor and will be interesting if this run has more negative career fallout, especially in some of his bigger franchises.