Paramount Releases Entire Movie On TikTok And Why That’s Scary

By Britta DeVore | Published

mean girls tiktok

Sure, you’ve hit up TikTok to waste a few minutes (or hours) throughout the day, check out a new recipe, or try your hand at a viral dance craze but soon users may be able to use the platform as a streamer. To celebrate October 3, better known as Mean Girls Day, Time reveals that Paramount Pictures dropped the classic comedy on TikTok in its entirety.

One of many companies to be making the jump to social media streaming, Paramount Pictures has drawn a handful of concerned comments from the writing community following its decision.

Paramount has released the entire movie Mean Girls in clips on Tiktok

Breaking down Mean Girls into clips from one to ten minutes in length, Paramount shared the Tina Fey-led comedy to its TikTok account, giving audiences a new way to celebrate the iconic day of October 3. This marked the first time that Paramount has done such a thing with others including Apple and Peacock also making similar moves with their titles, Silo and Love Island, respectively.

mean girls tiktok

While it may seem harmless and up to the studios to decide what they do with their content and how they unleash it onto the masses, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is punching back with questions about how such choices will affect them in the future.

Mean Girls’ TikTok debut comes just days after the WGA came to an agreement with the studios, marking the end of the historic 148-day strike. While the union took on the studios for many reasons – from artificial intelligence to health benefits – one of the biggest demands came in the form of residuals.

Mean Girls’ TikTok debut comes just days after the WGA came to an agreement with the studios, marking the end of the historic 148-day strike.

And now, with those executives tapping into the market of social media streaming, it’s unclear how those residuals will shake down to the people who worked on the films from writing to acting.

The new step into social media streaming also seems shady considering how hard the WGA fought for their rights. Just as things were getting back on track, the writers of Hollywood now need to deal with the crushing anxiety that Mean Girls and other films like it could be viewed for free on a platform like TikTok or X (formerly known as Twitter).

It’s essentially a way around paying those who created the content in the first place while still building an audience.

And, when it comes to Mean Girls, who wouldn’t take advantage of Mark Waters’ cult-favorite 2004 comedy streaming on a completely free platform like TikTok – even if that means watching it in short increments?

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese, Tim Meadows, and Tina Fey, the film follows Lohan’s Cady Heron as she navigates the world of high school cliques after her parents uproot her life.

Filled with iconic one-liners and characters, the film cemented itself as a piece of must-watch cinema for any fan of Fey’s work. 

Although the WGA strike has come to a close, those members of SAG-AFTRA are still picketing to get their demands met. With movies like Mean Girls and shows like Love Island and Killing It going to social media outlets including TikTok, it remains to be seen if the union will shift some of their requests before a truce is made.