Kevin Costner Fans Are Having Intense Reactions To The Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere

By Carolyn Jenkins | 2 weeks ago

kevin costner, yellowstone season 4

Paramount’s television series Yellowstone just returned for the Season 4 premiere and there is a reason why fans are losing their minds. Kevin Costner’s show about cattle ranchers in Montana has been a flagship show for the network, but some people may be sleeping on it. For those who don’t know, Yellowstone takes place in a modern world as the Dutton family attempts to keep a tight hold on their ranch while developers try to tear it down to make an airport. Yellowstone has proven to be captivating television, but that isn’t the reason why fans were holding their breath for the Season 4 premiere. 

The Season 3 finale of Yellowstone left on a cliffhanger with the entire Dutton family under attack. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) had just survived a brutal attack and the only thing that saved him from a bullet was his phone in his pocket. Kayce (Luke Grimes) had flipped a desk over to avoid a wave of gunfire aimed at him. And Beth (Kelly Reilly) was packing up her office when a bomb went off. To say that the Season 4 premiere was stressful is an understatement.

Since the Dutton ranch had many adversaries in Season 3 of the Kevin Costner show, the list of suspects was long. One of the main contenders for this mass attack was newcomer to the show Roake (Josh Holloway.) Roarke was intent on making his airport happen by any means necessary. Also a character of suspicion was Jamie Dutton (Wes Bently.) Jamie had been going through his own internal crisis after learning that he was adopted. He meets his birth father Garrett Randle (Will Patton) who encourages him to make a move on the Dutton Ranch. All of these elements prove for an explosive premiere, as Twitter users have proven.

Kayce was thankfully one of the ones to survive. In fact, Kevin Costner and the rest of the Dutton clan did survive the attack this time around. Beth walked out of the building more or less intact.

Thankfully the one death that was promised did not belong to Kevin Costner’s character or anyone else in the Dutton family. After the Duttons walked out with minor scratches, Rip made sure to pay a visit to Roarke, producing a snake from a cooler and throwing it at Roarke’s face. It wasn’t long before nature took its course and Roarke was bitten. It is sad to see Josh Holloway leave another show, but he went out with a bang.

Yellowstone is an engaging show that promises much more to come, including a prequel. Creator Taylor Sheridan is known for stories about Americana. He is most noteworthy for directing Hell or High Water as well as Wind River. Wind River in particular is echoed in Season 3 of Yellowstone. The attention brought to the violence against indigenous women in these areas is important. But on a lighter note, Yellowstone also reunites Kevin Costner and Will Patton. Both appeared in Costner’s post-apocalyptic movie The Postman. Fans are excited to tune into Yellowstone’s next episode when it airs on November 14th.