Keanu Reeves’ John Wick To Add Superman?

Keanu Reeves is courting Superman to be part of a major franchise. If he pulls it off it would be a major coup for the next movies.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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One would have to think that when it comes to John Wick, what Keanu Reeves wants, Keanu Reeves gets. As the face of the franchise, the literal engine that makes it go, one would have to assume he has a fair amount of creative control over the franchise at the point. So when you hear that he might want another actor to jump on board, the studio would at least begin reaching out, right? According to insider Daniel Richtman, Reeves is apparently courting one Mr. Henry Cavill for a role in the John Wick franchise. 

This is all speculative at this point and merely a rumor, but the way the John Wick series is constructed, adding big-name characters and actors along the way is relatively easy. In this way, Keanu Reeves recruiting other superstar actors into the mix makes total sense. And considering Henry Cavill’s talent and on-screen presence, his role could easily be part of the problem or the solution. Sure, he’s played the most iconic of superheroes before, but he’s also taken an antagonistic turn in the Mission: Impossible franchise as well. If he was going up against John Wick, that would make a lot of sense as well. 

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Keanu Reeves trying to add Henry Cavill to a future John Wick movie comes as the fourth film in the franchise works towards production. There hasn’t been any firm movement on the film from a confirmation standpoint with the studio having to delay it during the pandemic and also because of some scheduling issues around the major players. But there’s almost no doubt it’s going to get made at some point with a fourth and fifth film already in the planning stages. 

The Keanu Reeves franchise has been a massive hit since it first came out back in 2014. The movie was simple at its core when a retired and widowed assassin is called back into action when the wrong low-level mobster kills his dog. It sparks a frenetic and violent turn through an underground world of hired killers and vendettas. Critics really took to it at the time for its style and simplicity, praising the easy story along with Reeves in the starring role as a quiet and solemn, but deadly capable guy out for revenge. 

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The first film turned a very solid $89 million at the box office on the back of Keanu Reeves and the industry cache he brings to the screen. The next two films only continued their climb up the mountain with John Wick: Chapter 2 snagging $172 million and then John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum totaled $327 million worldwide when it came out in 2019. There’s no doubt we are getting more stories here with the only question about who could be appearing in future films. Maybe it’s Henry Cavill when it’s all said and done. 

Even if he doesn’t team up with Superman, Keanu Reeves is still plenty busy these days. In addition to more John Wick movies on the way, he’s got another highly-anticipated franchise on its way back next year. That will be when Matrix 4 hits the big screen almost two decades after we thought that story had wrapped up. If someone has the industry cache to bring other big names to his current franchises, then Reeves is definitely the guy.