See Keanu Reeves As Kraven The Hunter

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

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Keanu Reeves is now rumored to play the iconic Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter. Fans are already imagining what the renowned actor could bring to the role, and some fans are actually advocating for another actor to take the role. Still, it is very exciting to think that the John Wick and Matrix star could finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the infamous Spider-Man adversary. The rumor of his involvement has become widespread enough that fans have taken to sketching up art of what he could look like as Kraven the Hunter.

Instagram user TheImaginativeHobbyist went ahead and made up this piece of concept art that could give us a glimpse of what Keanu Reeves would look like as Kraven the Hunter. Give it a look and judge for yourself if this captures the kind of image and spirit the actor could bring to the part:

As always, this is just one artist’s interpretation of what Keanu Reeves could appear like as Kraven the Hunter. It is certain that Marvel will try and make his eventual design fit into their specific idea when it comes to costuming. This take is a little too flamboyant for the kind of grounded approach the Marvel Cinematic Universe likes to take with their costumes. If we do end up seeing Kraven the Hunter on the big screen, it is unlikely that his outfit will be as theatrical as this.

Still, it is thrilling to start imagining what Keanu Reeves could look like as Kraven the Hunter. The character is well-known for his hunter’s garb in the comics and is easily one of Spider-Man’s most fearsome antagonists. Getting to see how that would translate to a live-action version of the character is one of the main reasons fans are so excited by this most recent rumor.

Of course, seeing Keanu Reeves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe means that his appearance as Kraven the Hunter would likely be further down the role. We still have to get through all the multiverse shenanigans that are in store for Spider-Man 3, and who knows what kind of setup that will leave for Spider-Man 4? If we were to get Kraven the Hunter, one would hope he would get enough of a focus to anchor a good story involving him hunting Spider-Man. Right now, the plan is to give Kraven his own solo movie and possibly build him up as one of the key figures of a Sinister Six team-up in the future.

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We will simply have to wait and see whether or not Keanu Reeves ends up signing on the dotted line to play Kraven the Hunter, and if he does, in what capacity the character will be utilized moving forward with the Spider-Man franchise. In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing what other creative artists can bring to their interpretations of what Keanu Reeves could look like as Kraven the Hunter. We would not be averse to seeing BossLogic take a swing at the idea!