Jared Padalecki Just Had A Supernatural Reunion

Jared Padalecki reunited with Supernatural star Jake Abel for his new show Walker.

By Britta DeVore | Published

After their hit series came to a close back in November 2020, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who played the infamous Winchester brother on The CW’s Supernatural, have ventured out with their own projects. For Padalecki that meant starring in a brand new title role in another CW series, Walker, while Ackles went on to create and take part in a Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters. With the newly released The Winchesters bringing in some familiar faces from the 15-season running original series, Walker has officially followed suit with Jake Abel, who played the duo’s half-brother Adam, announcing via an Instagram post, which you can see above, that he’d be joining the Walker cast. 

Captioning the big reveal with “Reunited and it feels sooo good,” Abel shared that his debut will happen on this Thursday’s episode of Walker. Posing next to one another, Jake Abel and Jared Padelecki are all smiles during their Supernatural reunion on the Texas Ranger-based series. In his introductory episode, Abel will take on the role of a politician and mayoral chief of staff named Kevin who strikes up a relationship with Cordell Walker’s (Padalecki) fellow ranger, Cassie (Ashley Reyes). 

As for their first team-up, Jared Padalecki and Jake Abel were seen together during Supernatural’s fourth season when the Winchesters’ half-brother Adam was introduced into the storyline. Adam’s big arc came during Season 5 which saw a disastrous finale for the character after his body was taken over by the Archangel Michael. After being betrayed by his older brothers, Adam appeared in several other seasons in smaller cameos before having his storyline rounded out in the show’s final episodes.



As for Walker, Jared Padalecki’s first big role since the final bow of Supernatural features the actor as the titular Texas Ranger initially made famous by Chuck Norris. The story similarities end there as the new version takes a more dramatic twist, focusing on internal grief while still keeping a healthy side of butt-kicking. Padalecki is Cordell Walker, a widowed father of two who struggles to rebuild a damaged relationship with his kids after working undercover for the last two years. 

The series was an immediate hit with no doubt a number of Jared Padalecki’s fans flocking to it due to the actor’s success in Supernatural. The series also stars Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen, Amara Zaragoza, Coby Bell, Jeff Pierre, Dave Annable, Violet Brinson, Paula Marshall, Mitch Pileggi, and Kale Culley. Following the popularity of its first two seasons, Walker was given its own prequel series, Walker: Independence which premiered earlier this fall.

 Like many scripted series currently finding a home at The CW, the fate of Jared Padalecki’s Walker, Walker: Independence, and Supernatural prequel series The Winchesters is up in the air as the newly purchased company continues to make massive budget cuts that threaten the future of any and all scripted content. Since being purchased by Nexstar, the network has been axing long-running favorites including Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and The Flash leading many fans to wonder what will be next. Luckily for Walker, with Padalecki’s name attached along with his ex-Supernatural co-star, viewers are sure to continue tuning in week after week, leading the network to make the no-brainer decision to keep the production on its docket.