Another Fan-Favorite CW Series Has Been Canceled

The CW has announced that Nancy Drew will be canceled after its fourth season.

By Britta DeVore | Published

The CW has undergone a lot of shake ups over the last few months with the announcement that they’d be adding a slew of new shows to their docket. But, by adding all the new content, it stands to reason that some things must go – like Riverdale, much to the dismay of the network’s major and unexpectedly older demographic. One of those shows that will be bowing out alongside Riverdale is the detective series, Nancy Drew.

While new projects like the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, and the long-running staple, All American keep up viewership numbers, it would seem as though Nancy Drew has begun to fall through the cracks. The network gave the final confirmation on Wednesday that the show would be ending with its fourth season, which is currently filming with no release date revealed at this time. The only good news for fans is that those behind the production were given a proper heads up, allowing them to craft what they consider to be the perfect ending to the series. 

Along with the shifting content, The CW has also undergone a major change in upper management as its chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz stepped down from his role at the company when it was acquired by Nexstar. According to Deadline, it was even before this staffing change that Nancy Drew was being considered for the chopping block. It just made sense with the arrival of all the new projects to finally make it official.  

Nancy Drew
Kennedy McMann in Nancy Drew

The cast was recently told of the cancellation in Vancouver where they’re currently filming the fourth season. Various Nancy Drew cast members, including Kennedy McMann who leads the production in the titular role have already begun to search out new projects to join as they haven’t been kept in the lurch when it came to the rumors of the fourth season probably – now definitely – being its last. Along with McMann, the series also stars Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Alex Saxon, Scott Wolf, Riley Smith, Katie Findlay, and Tunji Kasim. 

In a statement made surrounding the cancellation of Nancy Drew, McMann said that it was her “greatest pleasure” and “privilege” to portray the mystery-solving young sleuth. Giving a shout out to the fans who have supported the series for so long, the actress hoped that they were able to “feel the heart and passion” poured into the project from those both on screen and off. They thanked them for welcoming her and her co-stars into the world of the titular detective with welcoming arms. 

Along with McMann, Nancy Drew showrunners Noga Landau and Melinda Hsu also shared their gratitude for viewers of the project saying that they were “honored and proud” to have seen the production go as far as it did. Mentioning that their “hearts are full of gratitude,” they said they were happy to be able to “bring this chapter to a close with intentionality, inclusivity, and kindness.” Giving kudos to the fans, the duo said that they were “indebted” to the base who supported them along the way. 

Under their new management and acquisition by Nexstar, The CW has been doing their best to cut budgets where possible, which for fans and viewers sadly means nixing several well loved productions. Along with Nancy Drew, there’s the aforementioned Riverdale which will end with its upcoming Season seven. Likewise, the Grant Gustin-led DCEU small-screen production of The Flash, which will officially bow out following its upcoming Season nine.