See The First Terrifying Poster For The Supernatural Prequel The Winchesters

The poster for The CW's The Winchesters has been unveiled.

By Matthew Creith | Published

When it aired on The CW, the television series Supernatural became a phenomenon and quickly built up a loyal fanbase. Marking a stark departure for leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the actors portrayed the Winchester brothers in the dark fantasy drama that ran for 15 seasons on the network. When the series concluded in 2020, many viewers were surprised that a movie or spin-off didn’t get produced immediately, despite many attempts during the show’s initial run. Fans of the show grew to appreciate the brothers attempting to battle it out with ghosts, monsters, demons, and every supernatural being that came their way. Now, it seems that the show finally has a prequel on the way called The Winchesters, and audiences may love the first look they have at the terrifying poster.

The poster looks pretty horrifyingly good, to say the least. The poster showcases the series stars Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly, who play John and Mary Winchester, respectively. As many Supernatural fans may know, John and Mary are the parents of Padalecki and Ackles’ characters and will tell the story of how the two fell in love. They will also fight demons together while simultaneously discovering the truth about why both of their fathers have gone missing. The poster revealed this week shows the elder Winchesters as younger versions of themselves while standing in the center of the hands of a demon, oddly shaped like a heart.

The poster for The Winchesters notes that the series is “a supernatural love story,” according to the official Twitter account for the prequel series. For the first time, the show’s release date is also referenced to be October 11th, with new episodes debuting on The CW every Tuesday. According to TV Insider, actor Jensen Ackles has been confirmed to appear in at least the first episode but may return for future episodes at a later date. His character Dean Winchester will be the narrator for the prequel, telling the story of his onscreen parents’ love story and the everyday obstacles they encounter. John and Mary Winchester’s relationship will be examined as it grows from a budding romance to something much more.

The Winchesters has been developed by Robbie Thompson, Jensen Ackles, and his wife Danneel Ackles at a time that The CW is going through some changes. Variety reports that Nexstar Media Group acquired a majority financial stake in the network, signifying that change is coming. So far, many of The CW’s shows have been canceled in the lead-up to the significant acquisition, including CharmedRoswell, New MexicoIn the Dark, and others. The network’s tent pole series, Riverdale, will begin its final season soon, as will one of the only holdouts from the Arrowverse, The Flash. The network is looking towards a future with more procedural dramas and sitcoms that have made ABC, NBC, and CBS popular amongst audiences looking for a different type of show than most streaming platforms and cable networks provide.