Inside Out 2 Trailer Reveals Maya Hawke As The Most Relatable Emotion

By Jason Collins | Updated

The first trailer for Inside Out 2 has just dropped, and it’s probably the most relatable thing we’ve ever watched, as it introduced Maya Hawke as the new emotion—Anxiety. But what makes the new trailer so interesting is the real-life depiction of the emotional changes one goes through during puberty.

The trailer for Inside Out 2 opens up with Riley, the original protagonist of the 2015 animated film, celebrating her 13th birthday. However, her transition from childhood to adolescence is causing a serious shake-up at the Headquarters where all other emotions live and operate.

Personified emotions of Joy, Fear, Envy, Anger, and Sadness wake up in the middle of the night to discover a demolition crew giving their building a makeover—which only leaves a massive mess of things—and installing a new set of controls to the console.

The team’s shock and amazement at the mess and the new console installation is cut by the introduction of a gangly, striped, turtleneck-sporting orange emotion, voiced by Stranger Things star Maya Hawke.

Inside Out 2

The newly introduced emotion is Anxiety, which is pretty common when you’re thirteen. However, the trailer also teases that the personified Anxiety might not be the only emotion Riley and her other feelings will encounter throughout the upcoming sequel.

According to the Inside Out 2 director Kelsey Mann, Anxiety might be new to the crew, but she’s certainly not the type to take the back seat. Admittedly, this makes total sense when you think about everything that’s going on inside our minds. Apart from Riley’s emotional changes, Inside Out 2 also brought about changes in its cast. Actress Mindy Kaling had previously confirmed that she wouldn’t return as the voice of Disgust, and the same thing happened with Bill Hader’s Fear. They’re replaced by Liza Lapira and Tony Hale, respectively.

With that said, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black all return to reprise their respective roles as Joy, Sadness, and Anger in the upcoming Inside Out 2. The original Inside Out was released in 2015 and was directed by Pete Docter.

Its premise followed the motions inside the mind of an 11-year-old Riley at a time when her family moved to San Francisco due to changes in her father’s employment. The movie was a massive success both commercially and critically, grossing more than $858 million at the box office.

The original Inside Out is regarded as one of the best-animated movies in the history of cinema, and it won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, among several other notable awards. The sequel, which we hope lives up to the original, was officially announced last year, much to the fandom’s content. It would appear that Disney and Pixar are pushing the franchise forward; this is likely prompted by the original movie’s success and the fact that the production phase is most probably complete, so why waste the opportunity to make money?

Disney recently stated that it’s shifting focus towards streaming and hitting the brakes on several IPs as steps necessary to increase the quality of its creative output—a decision most likely fueled by the criticism and poor box office performances of its recent releases. Inside Out 2 will be released in June 2024.