See Henry Cavill As X-Men’s New Cyclops

By Doug Norrie | Published

henry cavill

While the future for Henry Cavill looks more than a little uncertain in the DC Extended Universe, it hasn’t stopped him from taking all manner of new and exciting roles. And it also has meant fans and artists alike taking the time to dream on him landing another superhero or comic book role along the way. That was the case recently when a post went up on Instagram that imagined Cavill as part of the X-Men, seeing what he would look like as Cyclops. 

While this isn’t an indication that Henry Cavill is entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon, it’s further proof that the guy can look the superhero part almost no matter the role he would choose. Posted by Instagram user @britedit, we get a shot of Cavill in the full X-Men battle suit with Scott Summers/ Cyclops’s signature optic blaster across the eyes. You can see hints that it is Cavill under the hood and eye protector and it honestly looks pretty darn cool. Check out Cavill as Cyclops below. 

Again, this kind of casting news isn’t imminent, part of speculation around Henry Cavill taking a role like this is because of a report last week that he had met with Marvel Studios. The details of the meeting aren’t known, but it was apparently a face-to-face meeting in their London offices. It led to speculation that the two sides were trying to round up on a new part for the actor, switching his comic book allegations from one house to the other.

With the Marvel world continuing to expand, adding new characters who’ve just come back under their umbrella, the future is bright for adding all-new faces around the existing crew. The X-Men are likely part of that growth and there is the Fantastic Four as well. Neither group, which encompasses a bunch of characters, have any casting news attached as of right now. Could Henry Cavill be in discussions around either one? It is certainly possible. 

The rumors around Henry Cavill joining Marvel stem, in much part, from the uncertainty around his place in the DC Extended Universe. It’s widely speculated that he won’t be returning as Superman anytime soon, at least not in his own feature movie. There is some chance we see him in cameo roles in the universe, though rumors have it the actor isn’t all that interested in that kind of second billing. And DC has also made it clear that they have different plans for new versions of Superman that don’t include Henry Cavill. There is the JJ Abrams/ Ta-Nehisi Coates movie planned which seems likely to follow the Calvin Ellis storyline. And then it was also just recently announced that Michael B. Jordan is attached to a Superman project that will feature a story around Val-Zod. 

Henry Cavill

As for Henry Cavill, even if he never entered another superhero movie, there is still plenty of work coming down the pike for the actor. His second season of Netflix’s The Witcher has finished shooting and will release on the streaming platform on December 17th. Additionally, he’s already in production on another Netflix project with Enola Holmes getting a sequel. This next movie is set to expand his Sherlock Holmes role alongside Millie Bobby Brown’s titular sleuth. 

And that isn’t all for Henry Cavill. He is also set to reboot The Highlander in the coming years. The fan-favorite franchise has been primed for another story and Cavill could be perfect casting on that front. And finally, Cavill has been attached to a new romantic comedy, The Rosie Project as well as a budding spy/ action franchise that will have Bryan Cranston, among others, involved as well. There is plenty happening for the actor, but when he’s able to squeeze in a meeting with Marvel, we can always ponder on even more possibilities.