Gal Gadot Leaving DC After Wonder Woman 3?

It looks like Wonder Woman 3 could be the last time Gal Gadot takes on the character, opting to exit the franchise when this one is done

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984

When Gal Gadot hit the big screen as Wonder Woman, it was clear the studio nailed the pick. She quickly became everything we wanted from Wonder Woman, kickstarting a flagging DC Extended Universe of movies and fully embodying the popular character. But it doesn’t look like Gal Gadot is going to be in the role forever. There is a new rumor out there that her time as Wonder Woman could be coming to a close sooner than later. Geekosity has it that Wonder Woman 3 will be Gal Gadot’s last round with the armbands and lasso and she’ll be moving on to other things. Apparently, there are a couple of different factors at play with this decision. 

In Geekosity’s reporting, this being the last turn for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman isn’t all that surprising. For starters, it has already been reported that Gadot only agreed to return to Wonder Woman 1984 because Patty Jenkins was, once again, going to be in the director’s chair. Jenkins has agreed to take part in Wonder Woman 3 as well, but that might be it for the director on that front. She’s moving to rival Disney and will be helming at least one movie in the Star Wars universe. And we know how that works. Once you worked with one part of Disney, others aren’t too far behind. We could see Jenkins jump into Marvel (again) as well. 

It doesn’t look like Gal Gadot would want to return to future Wonder Woman movies without Jenkins and that makes all the sense in the world. After all, the two found tremendous success with the first Wonder Woman which helped DC begin to reshape its stories after the messes that were Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman was a box office smash through and through. Totaling more than $822 million at the box office and scoring 93% on Rotten Tomatoes as well. 

Gal Gadot

But if Gal Gadot was losing a little steam on the Wonder Woman franchise, it would be hard to blame her. The sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 had all kinds of issues. The script was more than a little suspect, a clunky follow-up to the spectacle that was the first film. It dipped mightily with critics. And then there was the release turmoil it faced, coming out in the height of the pandemic and releasing on HBO Max. It ended up being something of the face of the new world order of releasing films, with studios making tough choices about whether to avoid the theater altogether and go directly to streaming. 

So there is a lot lining up to have it appear as if this is Gal Gadot’s last turn as Diane Prince/ Wonder Woman, at least in solo-film style. With extended comic book universes, there are always chances for characters to pop up along the way. But in terms of standalone stories, this might be it for Gadot. In the meantime, Gadot is set to release Red Notice on Netflix later this fall, a film that will have her teaming up with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. And then she will take a turn as Cleopatra as well.