Florence Pugh Attacked At Dune 2 Event?

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Life for celebrities just got a little bit more dangerous with a recent trend of fans throwing stuff at their faces. According to HuffPost, Florence Pugh was the latest victim after she got pelted in the face by an unidentified object at an event promoting Dune 2.

The object hit her in the face, below her right eye. The incident happened at CCXP São Paulo.

Attacked At Event

Florence Pugh, known for her roles in films such as Midsommar, was posing for a photo with her co-stars Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler, and director Denis Villeneuve when she was attacked. 

A video capturing the incident quickly spread on social media, showing the group happily posing when an object flew into the frame, striking Florence Pugh.

The impact visibly caused the actress to wince, prompting immediate concern from her co-star Austin Butler. Pugh, displaying remarkable composure, brushed her face with the back of her hand before crouching down to retrieve the object that hit her.

Other Instances And Attacks

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Florence Pugh’s unfortunate incident is not isolated, as public figures have increasingly faced a troubling trend of objects being thrown at them during public appearances.

Notable instances include Drake, Lil Nas X, and Harry Styles, who all had items thrown at them during concerts this year. The severity of such incidents has ranged from minor disruptions to actual injuries, with pop singer Bebe Rexha requiring stitches after a fan threw a phone at her during a show in New York last June.


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Joining Florence Pugh and the others on the list of assaulted celebrities, country crossover artist Kelsea Ballerini had to interrupt a performance in Boise, Idaho, when she was hit in the eye by a thrown bracelet.

The escalating nature of these incidents has also led some celebrities to turn on their audience. Cardi B, for example, threw her microphone at a fan who splashed her with a drink during a July performance in Las Vegas. 

Others Speak Up

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While captivating the audience during her Vegas residency, Adele took a moment to address a common concern shared by many performers, including Florence Pugh.

Adele expressed her frustration with fans who seemed to be neglecting show etiquette by hurling objects onto the stage. The acclaimed singer boldly confronted the issue, challenging her fans and wielding a T-shirt cannon, daring anyone in the audience to think twice before throwing anything at the performers.

Safety At Public Events?

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The incident involving Florence Pugh adds to the growing concern regarding the safety of performers during public events. Security measures and fan education on appropriate behavior during performances are becoming increasingly crucial. T

he repercussions of such incidents extend beyond the immediate shock and potential harm caused to the artists, affecting the overall concert and event experience for both performers and fans.

Florence Pugh Aftermath

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In the aftermath of the CCXP São Paulo incident, fans and industry professionals are urging for heightened security measures and stricter enforcement of rules to ensure the safety of artists.

Meanwhile, artists like Florence Pugh continue to navigate the risks associated with their public presence, reminding fans that respect for artists and their personal space is essential for the enjoyment of live events.