Harry Styles Is Already Done With Marvel?

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Harry Styles’ tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end. The news comes amid the studio’s ongoing overhaul, which has seen several projects cut from the lineup. This includes any potential upcoming roles for the pop sensation, who debuted as Eros in a post-credits scene alongside Pip for the relatively less popular 2021 film Eternals.

According to MSN, the plan was for Harry Styles to appear in a spin-off movie focusing on Eros and Pip. The project would have earned the singer an estimated $10 million. However, Marvel has recently opted to reduce the number of projects in the MCU, leading to the cancellation of the Eros and Pip feature even before it could properly begin.

Marvel has recently opted to reduce the number of projects in the MCU, leading to the cancellation of the Eros and Pip feature

“Marvel bosses were openly talking about Harry [Styles] in a lead role, but that talk has cooled,” a source told the Sunday Mirror. “The whole business and Marvel franchise is being rethought. The focus is on creating the biggest projects with the biggest revenues. Harry’s character is a fun and beloved role, but it is not realistically the number one choice to get the Marvel franchise bouncing back.”

Interestingly, the news contradicts a previous statement from Marvel producer Nate Moore, who said that Harry Styles did have a future within the MCU.

Harry Styles as Eros

“We certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag. And a character (that) maybe I have too much affection for because he’s had some problematic runs in publishing. But there are more stories to be told with the character,” Moore said earlier this year.

In Marvel Comics, Eros (played by Harry Styles) is also known by his alias Starfox. He is a member of the Eternals, a race of super-powered beings created by the cosmic Celestials. Eros is the younger brother of Thanos, a character who gained significant popularity due to his appearances in various Marvel stories, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eros Is An Eternal

Eros possesses a range of abilities from his Eternal heritage. These abilities include superhuman strength, durability, agility, and the power of flight. One of his unique powers is the ability to stimulate pleasure centers in the brains of others, which can influence emotions and desires. This power has often been portrayed as a form of mind manipulation or control.

Throughout his comic book appearances, Eros has been depicted as a charming and carefree individual (much like Harry Styles) who often finds himself in various romantic escapades. He has also been a member of superhero teams like the Avengers and has played roles in different cosmic storylines. It’s worth noting that characters in comic books often evolve when new writers take over their stories.

Harry Styles Career

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Despite his Marvel role reportedly falling through, Harry Styles continues to have a successful career in music and movies. Styles began his musical career in 2010 as part of the boy band One Direction, formed on the British music competition series The X Factor. After the group went on an indefinite hiatus in 2016, Styles pursued a solo career.

In 2017, he released his debut single, “Sign of the Times,” along with and his self-titled debut album. The former topped the U.K. Singles Chart. Since then, Harry Styles has released multiple singles and albums, establishing himself as a highly successful solo artist. He went on his first headlining concert tour, Harry Styles: Live on Tour, from September 2017 to July 2018.

Harry Styles made his acting debut in the critically acclaimed 2017 film Dunkirk, where he played a British soldier during World War II. In 2022, he appeared in the films Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman. His performances in all three movies were met with positive reviews from fans and critics.