Ezra Miller Getting Replaced As The Flash And This Is His Replacement?

Ezra Miller's controversial legal issues have complicated The Flash, prompting rumors to keep circulating on Grant Gustin, Flash from The CW show, making the jump to the big screen.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

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James Gunn and Peter Safran are overhauling the DCU, leaving the franchise’s stars wondering who’s in and who’s out. The Flash made headlines with its epic Super Bowl trailer, but its star has been making news for much longer. Ezra Miller is being treated for mental health issues after pleading guilty to burglary, and a new rumor reported by The Direct suggests that The Flash will see Miller replaced in the DCU by The CW’s Grant Gustin.

The two Flashes already met once when Miller made a cameo appearance on The Flash during The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. Grant Gustin has played the Flash on The CW for nine years as part of the Arrowverse, and his time as the Fastest Man Alive will end at the close of the current season. Unless, of course, Gustin takes over for Ezra Miller as the Flash on the big screen.

The rumor began with the entertainment news YouTuber John Campea. A source close to Campea disclosed that Gustin was not only to appear in the upcoming film, but that he would replace Ezra Miller as the Flash. Campea did not credit his source, and admitted that he did not put much stock in the rumor.

Grant Gustin has made it clear that, after nearly a decade in the role, he is ready to move on from the Flash. A jump to the big screen and the larger DCU would be a change for Gustin, but maybe not the change he’s looking for. Still, the likelihood that someone would take over for Ezra Miller as the Flash seems high.

The actor has been a magnet for controversy during their stint in the DCU, and many fans are already planning to boycott the upcoming film, despite its importance to the new DCU slate of movies. The Flash will supposedly hit the reset button for the DCU, and may also serve as a vehicle for removing Ezra Miller and the actor’s toxic press from the role of the Flash. 

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Grant Gustin as The Flash

Despite legal trouble and abuse allegations surrounding Ezra Miller, excitement is brewing for The Flash. Much of that anticipation is fueled by the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. The actor has not appeared as the Caped Crusader since 1992’s Batman Returns.

There may still be a path forward for Ezra Miller. The actor is apparently seeking to make amends, and James Gunn said that how Ezra Miller proceeds from here will largely determine the actor’s future as the Flash. The other factor, of course, is money.

The Flash’s box office performance will gauge fans’ eagerness for the speedster and the studio’s willingness to support Ezra Miller. Insiders have praised Ezra Miller and The Flash; James Gunn called the film one of the best superhero movies he had ever seen. The multiverse collision looks to be an exciting cap to the DC adventure that began with 2013’s Man of Steel, as the Flash accidentally causes a chain reaction resulting in Michael Shannon’s return as General Zod.

The future of Ezra Miller as the Flash is as uncertain as anyone’s in the DCU, and the prospect of the actor being replaced by Grant Gustin is interesting. Though the move is unlikely, fans of the character could be treated to a Gustin cameo in the film. Regardless of what happens after, The Flash will race into theaters June 16, 2023.