Robert Pattinson Making Surprise Batman Return Ahead Of Sequel?

Robert Pattinson is rumored to be appearing in The Penguin series before The Batman 2 is released.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

robert pattinson the batman

For fans who are skeptical of superhero films in general and DC superhero films in particular, seeing Robert Pattinson in The Batman was a real breath of fresh air. Arguments about him being nothing more than a shiny vampire disappeared once we saw him in action, proving that Bane was right: nobody takes you seriously until you put on the mask (or cowl, in this case). While this Batman won’t likely be taking on Bane anytime soon, The Hot Mic is reporting a strong rumor that Pattinson’s next bat-outing will not be in the sequel film but instead in the HBO Max The Penguin spinoff show.

While it was Robert Pattison who was the real breakout star of The Batman, audiences were almost equally impressed by how Colin Farrell disappeared (quite literally) into the role of Oswald Cobblepot, better known to audiences as the Penguin. We don’t yet know much about what The Penguin will be about besides following Cobblepot’s criminal adventures, but given the fact that he is now one of Gotham City’s most prominent criminals, it stands to reason he will run afoul of Lieutenant Gordon and the rest of the police force. And a supervillain can only tangle with Gordon and the cops so long before the Caped Crusader comes along, so it would make perfect sense for Pattison to pop up.

robert pattinson

Right now, Robert Pattinson’s appearance in this Batman spinoff is just a rumor, but it’s a rumor that makes a lot of sense. While this universe exists outside of the DCU, meaning that it is less subject to the whims of DC bigwig James Gunn, one of Gunn’s big goals moving forward is to make sure that audiences don’t view the DC television content as any less prestigious than its films. He has already tried leading by example by headlining his Peacemaker show with movie star John Cena and will be giving Viola Davis her own Amanda Waller spinoff, so we figure Gunn would be jazzed to have Robert Pattinson join Colin Farrell (himself a very big star who is likely to take home an Academy Award this year for The Banshees of Inisherin) on the small screen.

Whether or not we see Robert Pattinson pop up as Batman in The Penguin, this series is going to be important to watch for anyone interested in the unfolding lore of this universe. The show takes place only weeks after the end of The Batman, so Gotham City has been flooded and Carmine Falcone is dead. This means that Gotham not only has a major power vacuum that needs to be filled but there is also plenty of widespread chaos for Cobblepot to take advantage of.

Given when the show takes place, we guess it will be coming out before Robert Pattinson’s sequel Batman film, but the exact release date of both the show and the film is currently unknown. In other words, we can only speculate about where this story is going to go and when we will see it, but it is tantalizing to think about how The Batman director Matt Reeves previously claimed that the sequel film will have the Caped Crusader serve as its emotional center. This could mean that Cobblepot does something in the show to torment Batman and set this story up, or it could mean the hero is facing something truly frightening: the return of nipples on the bat-suit.