Arrowverse Not Dead After All?

By Michileen Martin | Published


Ever since Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi all got the axe at The CW; many have assumed the Arrowverse’s days were numbered. However, David Ramsey — who starred on Arrow as John Diggle as well as making guest appearances in other shows over the years — dropped a tease over the weekend that has many speculating the Arrowverse is revving for a comeback. In response to a fan on Ramsey’s social media, the star wrote that “good stuff is in the works.”

Ramsey posted a selfie to his Instagram to celebrate his birthday on December 3, and of the many fans who responded, one referenced the turmoil the Arrowverse has been going through. Ramsey acknowledged the message and teased that “the smoke is clearing.” He went on to write that he “can’t be specific just yet, but good stuff is in the works.”

One of the more likely Arrowverse projects David Ramsey could be referencing is Justice U. Announced at the beginning of the year, Justice U would see Ramsey return to the Arrowverse as John Diggle, who would be acting as mentor to 5 younger metahumans. However, news of that project surfaced before Nexstar Media Group took ownership of The CW, and its status has been nothing but a big question mark ever since.

David Ramsey in the series finale of Arrow

Another possibility fans are no doubt hoping for is that Ramsey’s Arrowverse character might finally get his own series as Green Lantern. It was teased for years that Diggle could become a Green Lantern, including when the Flash of Earth-90 (John Wesley Shipp) revealed that in his universe, Diggle was already a member of the Green Lantern Corps. His ascension as a cosmic hero finally seemed like a reality in the closing moments of the Arrow series finale when he recovered a box with a glowing green artifact.

When he reprised the role for The Flash, Ramsey’s character chose to not take up the ring so that he could stay with his family. But the actor has made it clear he would still love to bring Green Lantern to the Arrowverse. Speaking at the Atlanta DragonCon in September (via The Direct), he said he would love to play Green Lantern with one condition.

“I wanna be Green Lantern with a really good budget,” Ramsey said. Referencing the non-Arrowverse Green Lantern series which at the time was still believed to be on the way at HBO Max, Ramsey continued, “if we had an HBO Max budget or even a bigger budget, Superman & Lois has a beautiful budget, you can see it in the show in the production value. So if we had something like that.”

Whatever it is that David Ramsey was referring to on his Instagram, we probably won’t know for sure for a while. In the meantime, the rest of the Arrowverse isn’t quite done. The ninth and final season of The Flash will premiere in February, and the future of Superman & Lois has yet to be officially announced.