First Look At Ezra Miller’s New Flash Costume Revealed

By Dylan Balde | Published

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For a film centered around The Fastest Man Alive, Warner Bros.’s first big-screen Flash is puttering along with all the pep of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver in his debut — but it is going. For one thing, the Scarlet Speedster’s post-Justice League DC Extended Universe suit is finally coming together. Director Andy Muschietti (It) teases an upgraded version of Ezra Miller’s Flash costume on Instagram, with the new prototype hunkering down on the armor aspect of the original.

See the new Ezra Miller costume below.

The new look features a glossy, metallic exterior with wires running through the fusion fabric, similar to Tom Holland’s Stark suit in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. The plating in the middle (which houses the logo) seems more functional than decorative and may hint at certain mechanical utilities.

Ezra Miller’s Crimson Comet has worn two versions of the Flash suit so far: his original DIY and the Knightmare outfit, both from Justice League. Barry Allen showcased a homemade aerodynamic costume made from abrasion-, heat-, and cold-resistant silica-based quartz sand fabric, the same synthetic material NASA astronauts wear to keep themselves from combusting upon re-entry. The suit protects Allen from instant immolation, which could easily happen when traveling at speeds faster than terminal velocity.

While the Speed Force also exists in the DCEU, it doesn’t protect Ezra Miller’s Flash the same way it forms a safety shield around Grant Gustin’s Arrowverse Flash. Extreme air friction can still hurt Miller’s Barry Allen, hence the need for preventative armor. The DCEU Flash costume is composed of 100 individual composite pieces screwed together; the joint areas are deliberately freed up for maximum mobility, while the rest of the outfit stays padded with plating, for optimal protection from outside temperatures, blunt force trauma, and other external damage. The haphazard netting binds the parts together.

Like the CW version, Ezra Miller’s Flash possesses winged ears that double as earpieces; in Justice League, they emit a radio frequency that patches Allen to the other members of the League constantly. The movies’ Flash costume is an obvious departure from the comics’ trademark spandex tights, which can be compressed tightly enough to fit inside a ring and released whenever duty calls. On the other hand, Miller’s Knightmare look features a tad more iron plating, allowing Barry Allen to smash through objects with ease. The character’s new standalone Flashpoint costume serves as a curious transition between the two and seems to have a fabric base.

Aside from finetuning Barry Allen’s Flash suit, the crew has been busy hunting down locations, casting extra roles, and dredging the perfect Batmobile. Reports indicate shooting hasn’t commenced; the project is still in pre-production, though for how long, we’re not certain. The Flash will be rebooting the DCEU and is marketed as a major entry in the franchise, so expect more updates in the coming weeks. Judging by the crew’s current pace, principal photography should begin mid-2021. The Flash stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Ben Affleck as Zack Snyder’s Batman, Michael Keaton as Tim Burton’s Batman, Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Barry’s mother Nora, Ron Livingston as Barry’s father Henry, and Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso in undisclosed roles. Livingston replaces Billy Crudup, who played Henry Allen in Justice League. Like Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot is no longer appearing as planned; the character of Wonder Woman will still feature, but will be played by a different actor. Birds of Prey’s Christina Hodson is writing the script with Andy Muschietti directing. The Flash comes out on November 4, 2022.