The CW Is Ending Grant Gustin’s Flash Series?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 weeks ago

the flash grant gustin

Ever since The Flash debuted back in 2014, it has been The CW’s most successful show to date even bypassing the milestones set by Arrow. Grant Gustin became, and still remains, the beloved “Fastest man alive” a.k.a. The Flash and has been deemed the perfect choice to play the superhero by DC fans who even wanted the actor to reprise the role in the cinematic adaption of the character. While that didn’t happen, fans had found satisfaction in watching him every week as the red blur that fought meta-humans, time-traveled, and saved lives. But rumor is that his stint as the scarlet speedster is soon going to end. 

As per an exclusive report by Small Screen, the publication’s insider sources have revealed that The Flash, which is currently in its seventh season, will end with Season 8. The series was recently renewed for the next season and given the many adventures Barry Allen still has to go on, many expect the Grant Gustin starrer to see many more seasons. But as per the publication’s report, Season 8 will be The Flash’s final season. 

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After the Arrow came to an end, The Flash and Grant Gustin had become the face of the Arrowverse. But will its final season mean that the Arrowverse is in trouble? According to the above-stated report, that won’t be an issue as it won’t spell the end of the CW-Verse. It is already apparent that the next heir of the TV universe of the DCEU is Superman & Lois, which recently premiered on The CW and has been garnering some pretty rave reviews. And what’s more, with another season to go, The Flash has the opportunity to go out with a bang. 

But even if the report is true, why the sudden decision to end the show? When Grant Gustin was introduced as Barry Allen for the first time during the second season of Arrow, the series’ creators didn’t expect him to become an instant favorite, receive a majorly positive reception, or for The CW to instantly order a full 23-episode Season 1 of The Flash. Since the beginning, the series has pulled a pretty strong viewership rating and last year even Grant Gustin shared that just before the coronavirus pandemic heat, plans were being made to renew the show for an eighth as well as a ninth season. 

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Even though no official announcements have been made about wrapping up The Flash, the rumor of Season 8 being its final chapter does make sense in a way. In the past few seasons, while the series’ ratings haven’t dipped drastically, it has nevertheless been consistently diminishing. Also, recently it was revealed that the series regulars, Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) are leaving the show after Season 7.

While Grant Gustin is undoubtedly the leading star of The Flash, the major strength of the show was its talented cast wherein everyone equally contributed to its success. Bidding farewell to two major cast members is obviously going to hurt the show’s already dwindling rating. Thus, it is very much possible that The CW has taken the decision to end the show at a place where it still retains its earlier spark.