Exclusive: Gal Gadot Being Recast As Wonder Woman In The Flash

Our inside source has shared surprising news about Gal Gadot's future in The Flash. Here's what we've learned.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Gal Gadot

For a while now, rumors that Gal Gadot will appear as Wonder Woman in the upcoming The Flash movie have popped up around the internet. Toward the end of 2020, many outlets came forward with similar claims, so it definitely seemed to be something DC was discussing, at the very least. This would have made sense. Ezra Miller’s Flash and Gadot’s Wonder Woman have both appeared in other films in the DC Extended Universe, including Justice League. Now, our trusted and proven source has shared something fairly surprising with us. We’re going to see a different version of Wonder Woman in The Flash.

At this point, DC hasn’t shared a lot about the plot for The Flash. We know that time travel will be a part of the story. We’re expecting to see both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton appear as Batman in the movie. We also know that we’ve seen both Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck as characters in the DC Extended Universe, the same universe where Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman. So why is the studio now deciding to cast another actress in the role for The Flash movie? Our source was aware and able to share this puzzling piece of news, but not able to disclose the reason behind it. There’s plenty of room for guessing though, and all of it raises a lot of questions about the future of Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe.

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Did they recast Gal Gadot for the movie because it makes more sense for another actress to be seen as Wonder Woman in The Flash? For example, will they be playing with the Multiverse and we’ll be meeting a Wonder Woman that needs to be played by another actress? Will we travel through time to when Wonder Woman was a very young girl? Our source didn’t share who will be playing the character, so perhaps they could have needed a child. Or are they casting another actress because of something to do with Gal Gadot herself?

This news comes at a curious time in Gal Gadot’s career. The future of the DC Extended Universe, in general, is in question. Zack Snyder is no longer working for DC, and it seems like Henry Cavill won’t be playing Superman anytime soon, unless he finds a new way in. Snyder is largely responsible for engineering the current DC Extended Universe, which has left many wondering if DC will move away from the characters he had a large hand in creating. While Wonder Woman would seem to be exempt, since her solo movies are directed by Patty Jenkins, this new casting does raise questions about future Gal Gadot appearances as Wonder Woman in other DCEU properties.

Gal Gadot

Recently, the internet came down hard on Gal Gadot after a controversial tweet she has refused to take down. The actress is from Israel. Her tweet about the current political situation between Israel and Palestine did not go down favorably with online commenters. While she chose to shut down comments on her Instagram, it hasn’t stopped the ire directed her way. At this point, the actress doesn’t seem to be hit hard enough by cancel culture for the studio to decide to recast her, but it’s enough to make audiences wonder if it has played into the decision.

Is the choice to recast Wonder Woman for The Flash one that’s based on the storyline, restrictions in Gal Gadot’s schedule, or is DC testing the waters to see how audiences react to seeing another actress as Diana Prince?