Exclusive: Two Stargate Shows In The Works

We've exclusively learned of two new Stargate series in development right now.

By Faith McKay | Published


What do Stargate fans want? More, more, more! This hardly makes them unique among science-fiction fans, but eager audiences have been waiting a long time for some new stories in this franchise. Before the pandemic, it seemed like something new was on the horizon, but like with many franchises, delays gummed up the works, and fans have been waiting for more news for a long time. Now, thanks to work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we can report on two projects in development for the franchise.

The first one of these projects is probably unexpected by most fans: it’s an animated Stargate series. The animated series is currently in development at MGM. While they’re working on it, they’re unclear on where the series will land. The second series is an adult Stargate series. On this second project, MGM is currently working to partner with a streaming service to bring the series to life. It seems most likely that Amazon will be the new home for these MGM series since Amazon announced their intentions to buy the legendary studio back in May. However, that deal is still being finalized. And, fortunately, the people at MGM working on these two new projects for the franchise aren’t waiting for that to finish before they move forward on their new projects. They’re navigating how to move forward and get them out there, which is great news for fans.

We were unable to confirm who the creators are for these two new projects. Fans who follow behind-the-scenes updates for this franchise likely know the name Brad Wright. Before COVID-19 impacted the industry, Brad Wright was working on a new series. Wright is the co-creator of Stargate series like Atlantis, Universe, and SG-1. He’s been working at MGM since 1994 and says that he’s seen the company make major shifts before. We aren’t sure whether one of these two projects currently moving forward at MGM could be the project Wright has been publicly discussing. He hadn’t shared much about that project, other than that delays have made things slow, but he’s staying persistent.

stargate infinity

What we do know is that Brad Wright’s Stargate projects tends toward younger characters. During an episode of his podcast in late June, 2021, he did say that he would “bring in a new, younger, more present-day team”. When jokes about a Stargate Academy came up, Brad Wright then said, “You’re a little too close to the truth! [But] we go beyond the academy.” It seems big to imagine that Brad Wright’s project may be the animated series currently in development, but that’s not impossible. He’s done this a few times before. He clearly loves Stargate. Who better to push their imagination for what the franchise can be than someone like Wright?

Still, Wright seemed unenthusiastic about Stargate Infinity, an animated series in the early 2000s. While he didn’t say much, he did say that the series shouldn’t be considered canon. He clarified that he didn’t have a problem with it, but that he was not involved. Could he now be pushing for an animated project he could be involved with? It wasn’t clear if he thought there should be an animated Stargate that was canon or not.

Another big player for Stargate has been Joseph Mallozzi. He has said on his blog that, “There’s no doubt that if this sale is finalized, we will see a new Stargate series sooner than later.” This falls in line with fan expectations. People behind the scenes have to be noticing that fan anticipation has been ramping up online for new projects in the franchise. That must be catching for creators at MGM who want to see their projects move forward.