Exclusive: Indiana Jones Series In Development For Disney+

A new Indiana Jones series is being developed by Lucasfilm for Disney+.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Despite the ongoing rumors that Harrison Ford is going to be stepping away from acting following the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the world of Indy is starting to grow exponentially. Through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that a new Indiana Jones animated series is being developed by Lucasfilm for Disney+. We are not sure if the series is going to be involving Ford in any measure, but at least the franchise is going to continue past this presumed final Indiana Jones feature.

Even if Harrison Ford does retire from taking on the starring role in the franchise, he could appear in cameos for this new Indiana Jones animated series. He might also appear as a sort of wise and learned guide for whoever might be taking on the hat and whip when he moves on. This is just speculation at this point, as we wouldn’t bet on Ford not wanting to be involved in his best franchise.

The initial plan for Indiana Jones 4 was that Indy was meant to have a child or someone to take up the mantle of the world’s finest adventurer. What we got was a terrible movie and performance from Shia LaBeouf, effectively ruining what could have been. Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be starring with Ford in Indiana Jones 5 and is meant to portray the goddaughter of Indy, and someone who might take on a spinoff movie later, or possibly the lead of this new Indiana Jones series.

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Again, this is just speculation at this point, as we do not know what the plot of this Indiana Jones series is going to be. Considering that Lucasfilm is developing the series for Disney+, we would imagine it could be a bit more light-hearted than the movies have been so far. We would imagine that showing Indy taking on Nazis might not be what the animated series is going to focus on.

Still, it is quite exciting that the franchise is going to be branching off into new territory finally. This new Indiana Jones series could bring in a whole new audience for the franchise, which could then lead to even more spinoffs and sequel ventures. We just hope that Harrison Ford is going to be involved, even if it’s just to appear in small cameos throughout the franchise’s new plans. The man has carried the movie series on his back, despite how terrible the fourth feature was, so we would hope that he is going to remain involved in some small manner.

For now, we can all patiently wait to see what new details are going to come out about this new Indiana Jones animated series, and who is going to be cast as the lead. We would hope that it will involve Harrison Ford as well, considering he would likely only have to provide his voice to the animated version of his character. Either way, it appears that Lucasfilm and Disney have some huge plans for the adventurer moving forward.