Exclusive: Henry Cavill Wants To Appear In Sasha Calle Supergirl Movie

By Doug Norrie | 14 seconds ago

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One of the great questions involving the DC Extended Universe right now is the fate of Henry Cavill as Superman. Ever since the Zack Snyder Justice League arc came to an apparent end with the Snyder Cut, there has been nothing but speculation around whether we would see Cavill don the cape again. Well, according to the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source, if it were up to Henry Cavill he would be back in the mix. Apparently, he wants to have a role in the upcoming Supergirl film starring Sasha Calle. Could we end up seeing a much-heralded return to Clark Kent for Henry Cavill? 

This latest news is interesting though, at this point, it lacks any more in the way of context. The Supergirl movie is still some time off and it’s likely there are tons of decisions to make about what direction DC wants to go with the character. There are quite a few moving parts beyond just Henry Cavill wanting the part. For starters, concerns where we will first see Sasha Calle as Supergirl when she makes her on-screen debut in the upcoming The Flash movie. We know that Ezra Miller’s Flash is set to travel through the DC equivalent of the Multiverse meaning Supergirl could live in an alternate timeline. Teaming her and Henry Cavill up on screen in the solo movie could also mean shifting around some of the other narratives seeing as how Cavill won’t be in that movie. 

And then there is how DC seems to want to handle the Superman character within in its own ranks. They seem to have worked overtime of late to make sure it actually isn’t Henry Cavill in the role going forward. They have a couple of different projects in the works that appear to distance the studio from Cavill’s version. The first is a J.J. Abrams/ Ta-Nehisi Coates team-up that looks like it will focus on the Calvin Ellis-as-Superman comic book storyline. There is also a Michael B. Jordan project in the works that will also be another version of Superman, Val-Zod in fact who could end up crossing over into the actual DC Extended Universe. It’s getting confusing, and a bit crowded in this Superman space for sure. 

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Henry Cavill played the part of Superman through three total movies, starting with Man of Steel and then continuing through Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League (I’m counting Whedon and Snyder’s versions as the same movie for simplicity’s sake). The movies had varying levels of critical feedback and after the Snyder Cut, it was thought that the studio was ready to move on and try other things with Superman. 

But this latest exclusive could point to a possible return for Henry Cavill, especially if he’s willing to take second fiddle in a movie as a lesser character or even a cameo. If the sticking points about his return had been around his overall level of involvement, this admission would sure look like he’s willing to show up in other stories. Remember, this was something he didn’t seem to want to do in Shazam!. Time will tell what happens with Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe, though for continuity’s sake I think it would be great to have him still in this world.