Singer Dua Lipa Cast As DC’s Next Leading Female Superhero

Is she going to Levitate?

By Britta DeVore | Published

dua lipa

She’s proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the world of pop music and now, rumor has it that she’s gaining steam to become the next DC superhero. According to a dedicated fan account, Dua Lipa is in talks to join the DCEU as Zatanna Zatara. If this is true, it would mean momentum is really gaining for the production that was confirmed in March 2021.

To catch you up, just a few months ago, it was confirmed that Emerald Fennell, who won an Academy Award for her work behind Promising Young Woman, would be penning the upcoming superhero flick for Warner Bros. Fennell is the perfect person to write the woman empowered feature as her work for Promising Young Woman was both comedic and haunting with a side of girl power. With Fennell’s writing, Dua Lipa could absolutely be transformed into the spellbinding DC character. Back then, Fennell commented that she was very much into “witchcraft, magic, and comic books,” and that being tasked with keeping the fandom happy was “scary and intense,” but a job she was up to nonetheless. 

The character of Zatanna first made an appearance back in 1964 in Hawkman #4 which was illustrated by Murphy Anderson and penned by Gardner Fox. A mysterious young woman, Zatanna is the daughter of magician Giovanni Zatara and Sindella. While she followed in her family’s footsteps by working and earning a living as a stage magician, she soon realized that her powers could be used for something much bigger. Throughout her run in the comics, she would appear alongside the likes of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern and Barry Allen aka The Flash. If it’s true that Dua Lipa will be stepping into the role of the spellbinding woman, it could spell out her future to be featured in Justice League centered features. 

As for Dua Lipa’s musical career, the singer exploded onto the scene back in 2017. Her first self-titled album included hits like “IDGAF,” “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” and “New Rules.” Combining driving pop hooks with electronic music and a disco background, the album quickly launched the artist to new heights. Three years later, she would put out her second album titled Future Nostalgia which again was a massive hit for her ever-growing fan base as well as critics. In fact, the album was so loved by those in the biz that it nabbed her a whopping six Grammy nominations that year. While it’s been awhile since we heard a solo album coming from Dua Lipa, in the meantime, she’s worked with other artists including Calvin Harris and Sean Paul. 

So, what might a Zatanna based movie starring Dua Lipa and written by Emerald Fennell look like? As we mentioned above, Fennell is known for blending comedy with dark undertones and tying feminism into all of it, so we can expect something of the like for her take on the mystical hero. The film will absolutely delve into the darkness that haunts the character all while keeping things a little on the lighter side with satire and jabs throughout.